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Thread: Kids Craft Bargain$ at Kmart from today !! ... Only $20 for G8 Tub of Craft Stuff : )

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    smiles4u Guest

    Thumbs up Kids Craft Bargain$ at Kmart from today !! ... Only $20 for G8 Tub of Craft Stuff : )

    Hi all,

    I saw in the Kmart brochure today a plastic storage tub full of all things crafty ideal for children 3years plus ... for only $20 (is usual $30)

    It's on sale as of today (2nd April) !!

    So, i went to Kmart to check it out and i was so surprised how big the tub is and it is a great quality lockable tub with tons and tons of everything imaginable for your child to make all sorts of crafty/art items

    Each packet of items are worth at least $3 to $4 each if purchased on their own ... and there is heaps & heaps of packets of items plus more and not forgetting the great tub to keep it all all

    So, i wanted to share this super bargain with you all ... i have purchased for my nearly 3 year old DD

    To give you an idea what is in the tub i have listed the following that is stated on the side of the tub ;

    1 x re-usable plastic storage case/tub with handles
    1 x small bottle PVA glue (21ml)
    1 x kids plastic safety scissors
    1 x mini sketch pad (20pages)
    2 x bottles poster paint (60ml)
    3 x A4 sheets of felt (in 2 colours)
    3 x glitter bottles (assorted colours, 10g)
    6 x tubes glitter glue (15ml)
    20 x feathers (assorted colours)
    20 x glitter pom poms (25mm)
    30 x glitter pom poms (20mm)
    50 x mini glitter pom poms (13mm)
    50 x chenille sticks (in 7 assorted colours, 30cm)
    50 x chenille sticks (in 7 glitter colours, 30cm)
    50 x coloured popstixs (icecream stix)
    50 x wiggly eyes black & coloured (assorted colours)
    50 x chenille sticks bumpy shape (in 7 assorted colours, 30cm)
    100 x pony beads (8mm assorted colours)
    150 x wiggly eyes black & white (assorted sizes)
    400 x colour & shape sequins (assorted colours & sizes)
    500 x coloured twist ties (5 colours, 80mm)
    500 x seed beads (assorted colours)

    ... not mentioned on the tub is it also has included - a small reel of stretchy plastic string for the beads that bracelets can be made with

    I found this item not in the toy section but in the craft section like an aisle behind the Crayola range of crayons, textas, etc ...

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    omg im so there tomorrow!! lol, what a great thing to have for winter!!!
    um quick question, whats a chenille stick?? lol, im not a very crafty person

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    smiles4u Guest


    I copied the description of items off the list on the box so the description may be unclear to some ... so please anyone else unsure of anything mentioned i happy to help describe it better (did that make sense or did i just confuse you, LOL )

    Yeh, i probably should have mentioned the 'Chenille stick' is what we called 'Pipe cleaners' when i was in primary school moons ago

    Also i would suggest this Tub of craft items would make a great gift for the craft/art minded child ... for $20 it would make a cheap gift but yet looks generous

    To give you an idea the tub is 28.5cm in Length & 21cm in Height & approx 19cm Wide ... AND would be about Half Full of the craft stuff

    Only thing i thought it needed was some coloured sheets of cardboard or coloured paper ... BUT hey, there's plenty in there

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    lol thanks smiles!
    thought they might have been pipe cleaners but just wanted to make sure. thanks heaps for letting us know about, what a fantastic bargain!

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