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Thread: bumgenius leaked up/out the back

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    Default bumgenius leaked up/out the back

    I'm trying to get my act together with these MCNs... DD is 16 days old today, so I don't have much experience, and since I'm recovering from a c/s and DH is in hospital I'm working up my washing load slowly - a couple of cloth nappies a day, at first.

    Anyway, today I used a bumgenius 3.0 for the second time, and I was totally dismayed to find it leaked out the back to the point where DD's clothing and bedding were rather wet underneath her.

    I have had no such problem (yet) with the Huggies Newborn disposables.

    The back of the nappy itself, the outer lining part, didn't seem wet. I'm not sure where the wet came from, but my best guess is that it wicked or leaked up the top of the back.

    DD is large for a newborn - I'm guessing she's around 4.5kg by now, and she was 51cm long at birth. So maybe I'm wrong to have snapped the nappies down to the lowest rise. How do I tell if I have the rise correct and when DD has outgrown the smallest setting? Could that be the problem? The Bumgenius nappies are so much larger than the disposables it doesn't seem likely to me.

    Could the problem be that she just did a huge wee and it was too much for the newborn insert? Maybe I need to use the larger inserts already (that would dismay me, because she has a lot of growing to do yet...)?

    Maybe I just didn't have the nappy on right, or not tight enough? I've been trying to put them on so they are firm but not pressing too much around her legs.

    Any advice would be welcome. I'll keep trying these nappies, of course (they are so cute that even DH likes them!), but hoping to avoid too many repeats of today's leaking.

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    hi tenar,

    i use bg on dd...... shes now 10 weeks and over 5kg and still onthe smallest setting... though i dont use the smallest insert, as far as i understood that one was for boosting the big insert. i have the big insert snapped down to the shortest snap then put the doubled over part to the back of the nappy, apparently the best way around for girls....

    i find that they are great for dd..... we also had loads of poosposions out of the back of the huggies newborns even at her birthweight of 3.4kg!!!!who knows, keep playing til you get them to work..... good luck.

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    Tenar, we have been using the BG on DS since we brought him home and have been using the large and small insert and haven't had a problem. We had some leakage issues with a couple of other nappies as he seems to be a heavy wetter, but have had no problems at all with BG. I would suggest using the large insert, doubling it over and add the smaller one as well if you think she may need it.
    DS is also 4.5kg and 56cm so a similar size to your DD and we have them on the lowest rise.

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    I'd definitely be using the other insert - the small one is for newborns, but I suspect its for very light wetters

    Give it a go anyway

    Good luck!

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    I agree with the others, I actaully use a bamboo insert (homemade) with mine. Microfibre is very prone to compression leaking.
    Also are you making sure the flap at the back of the nappy is covering the opening?

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