thread: Hair Styling Products??

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    Hair Styling Products??

    We are going to the local deb ball, as my DD is a flower girl. Anyway, the girls are having some sort of halo thing in their hair, so I was thinking of putting some curlers in DD's hair. (bidding on some on ebay ATM)

    Now, my problem is she has very fine hair. I had her hair put in curlers a couple of years ago and they had to leave them in for about 3 hours. I'm happy to have soft curls, if I can get them, but don't want ringlets.

    After the last episode at the hairdressers, I don't want to have to sit up there for hours when we should be home getting dressed and ready for DD's photo's etc...

    Wondering what people may recommend I use to help the curls hold, what do you use?


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    Feb 2006
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    When my daughter did modelling for a bridal expo... we used [email protected] loads of mousse and hairspray... her hair was like a rock... but it held so beautifully, and she got loads of comments on how beautiful her hair was.

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    i agree with the hairspray thing- put it on your hair boefore rolling the curlers and then spray it again.

    her hair with the wnad inside till her hair steams!! this works too.

    my hair is now trained and dooes anything i want it too. And you could use one of thise heated hair products, i think redken make them.