thread: Most expensive fashion item?? How much is yours?

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    Jun 2005

    Most expensive fashion item?? How much is yours?

    Besides your wedding dress.....

    And do you think its worth it? Do you think its worth spending $200 on a pair of designer jeans compared to $39.99 pair at target??

    I paid $150 for a Basque (myer) black coat, 2 seasons later i still have it and i must say its still in mint condition....whereas cardis, coats ive bought for a lesser price (under$50) defn dont last seasons.....
    I dont think i would pay anymore than $150 for a piece of clothing....if i did i would have to love, love, love it.
    I am a bit of a brand girl, but often buy the 'brand items at sale price".....

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    Sep 2006

    I am a bargain gal..I worked in retail for years and we use to get 50 per cent off our clothing.I'm a bit of a hippy and eclectic in the way I dress so even my spare room is choccas full of clothing .

    I can't justify paying alot for clothes when I use to buy them so cheap from work.My jeans I have are from jeans west and cost $70 and I've had in the past jeans from target that cost $30 and were just as nice.I also hang out for bargains on clothes from Sportsgirl, I love some of their clothes and love,love,love the markets...esp Bondi and Glebe markets in Sydney.

    Having said that the last piece of clothing that I bought that was expensive was almost 2 yrs ago in Byron Bay from a retro shop.It is a knee length sequined pink,silver and white butterfly caftan.It is so beautiful and heavy and I paid $200 for it.I think it may have been holiday mode that made me buy it but it's gorgeous and timeless.

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Probably the most expensive thing I have in the cupboard are my harley boots $270, but DH bought them for me a year or so ago...
    Other than that when in bali years ago (about 5) I bought a gorgeous leather jacket that was lined with thick brown fur stuff!

    It was knee length & everywhere I went ppl would ask where I got ot from, it was about $180... But it's still in the cupboard although really well worn now I still love it!!!

    Other than that I tend to not really buy much for myself!???

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    Feb 2007
    Gold Coast

    Im really a bargain shopper, however if i see something that is a timeless classic that is made of really good material, then i dont mind spending the money.

    The last item i bought was a white wool & cashmere jacket from David Jones for $129 reduced from $219 bargin!!

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    Mar 2004

    I'm a bit embarressed now about what a spendthrift I am....
    My Lisa Ho coat was a bargain at $360 because the original price was $670....
    The most expensive item I own is a handbag but it was a bargain too...

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    Oct 2006
    Melbourne, Victoria

    My biggest indulgence has been a Spencer & Rutherford handbag which I bought from their yearly sale in 2004. It was reduced from $400 to $150 and I used it for 3 years and have only just bought myself a new Jag one (not nearly as expensive as that one!). I definately got my money's worth out of that one.

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    Feb 2007
    Gold Coast

    Dachlostar, You Go Girlfriend!!! Love It!!

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    Mar 2007
    on cloud 9.....

    I don't think that I can justify spending alot of money on a pair of jeans these day because my shape is changing all the time. I do however spend a considerable amount on shoes. I beleive that is something that you just should never skimp on. My bestest ever pair are knee high boots $200. The other thing that I have is a 3/4 length pure wool coat. I have had it for 10yrs and it cost me $150 back then on sale and it is still in excellent condition.
    My Balenciaga bag is another expensive favourite of mine.

    Lovemygirls - Oh Spencer and Rutherford, love it. I have a georgous purse that everyone comments on all the time. It is so unique.

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Gosh... I think it would be my Doc Martens that I bought 9 years ago for $180... I also bought a winter coat from Myer that year which wasn't much cheaper ($150) - and I am still wearing it these days!... and those I honestly think are the most I have ever spent on a fashion item.

    Except for a bridesmaids dress, which I don't think counts...

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    May 2004

    MIne would be my knee high Doc Marten's that are still in the box. I paid about 120 pounds for them.

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    Oct 2004
    In my Zombie proof fortress.

    Finally had to get rid of my pair of Rockport boots, over $220 when I bought them 8 years ago, very comfy as I have wide feet and a lot of trouble getting comfortable shoes. Could walk for ages in them and they went very well with jeans.

    Current item at the moment is an Andrea Crawford coat, cost me the $50 added to the gift voucher from leaving an old job. Think it was about $270, reduced from about $600. It is boiled bool and gorgeous, it would just look a bit better though on a slightly smaller butt atm lol

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    Jun 2007
    Pakenham, Melbourne

    I try buy cheap, But I indulge in a few things-
    Route 66 sirts, 80 bucks each. American gothy type shoes which cost me arounbd 200 bucks imported to here for my footsies.
    Mygrad dress was 600 bucks.
    other then that, I have picked up alot of op-shop clothes that have cost me a couple of dollars but I have later found out the costs of them.. A leopard print jacket i bought for 5 bucks..i found out originally used to sell for about 600 bucks. did I get a bargain or what?!!?!

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    Matryoshka Guest

    My weakness is designer jeans, the most expensive were sass & bide jeans $220. That's the most i'd spend on jeans, and i find they are worth it because they fit really well and retain their shape better than cheaper ones. (that being said i also have jeans from target etc too). I also find the designs more stylish, and the cuts suite me. That being said though i usually try to hang out for the designer clearance sales, earlier in the year they had the sass & bide one and all jeans were $50 which is an amazing saving, so i try to stock up then as i can't justify spending as much on clothes as i used to when i was younger.

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    Enchanted Guest

    I have a fetish for designer sunglasses! The most expensive ones I have bought were a pair of Pradas and they cost me $500... too bad I lost them I week later

    I was devastated... I still have my others though!

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Ahhh I forgot my suit... Table Eight, for around $240, although retailed at over $400. Pity I'm not a size 10 anymore.... its such a nice suit LOL

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    Nov 2005
    in a house!

    Im a real tight a$$ when it comes to spending money on clothes cos I buy so many things all the time. It means I get to have a wardrobe full of variety instead of spending all our money on one thing.

    However I do get atleast 2 seasons out of everything...and somethings I still have from 5 years ago when I first moved out of home!

    My most expensive item would be $50 i reckon!

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    Jun 2003

    Hmmm back in the day Oroton Handbag, Wallet & Sunglasses (which I still have), I can't remember the value of each around $300-$400 I think. Glasses were only $200 but I got them less than half price thanks to a sale myer was having. I have a big red dress coat with fake rabbit fur around the colour and the arms that was $490 and I got it for $140 on sale at a myer coat sale. My worst thing is my makeup brushes... I think I have spent about $500 on makeup brushes.

    I would LOVE a spencer and rutherford bag, but sadly I discovered them *after* we became frugal LOL!

    Marc has a way more expensive wardrobe than me, he has a matrix jacket that cost $600 from Antons. And combined with other things and his suits his wardrobe would be at least twice to three times more expensive than mine LOL!


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    Dec 2005
    In Bankworld with Barbara

    My most expensive shoes would be my RM Williams boots, which were $250 when I brought them 9yrs ago and now they are nearly $400 bucks a pair - so lucky for me they never wear out LOL. I usualy prefer to buy good quality stuff from myer etc on sale, but stuff that wont date either, like coats. I did buy a red wool pea coat from Ezibuy a few years back for $120 and that same year Myer had an identical coat for about $240 - so that was a bargain and it's still going strong. I don't go much for handbags but I did buy an oioi nappy bag this time round for $140 - I've never spent that much on a bag before.