thread: Nails or rings?

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    Sep 2008
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    Nails or rings?

    So I have always had this thing where if I have my acrylics on and my nails look nice, I'm happy to wear one or two ring.
    If I don't have nails on, I paint my nails but have a ring on pretty much every finger to move the distraction of my ugly nails to my rings.

    Does anyone else do this or am I the only abnormal one lol

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    Dec 2008
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    LOL, I only wear my rings when I have my nails done, ie acrylics or shellacs, because when my nails are 'au naturel' they are hidieous, and I just don't wear rings to attract attention to them.

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    Nov 2008
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    I only ever really wear my wedding bands. I don't even actually own another proper ring - I still have some of those silver jobbies from Ishka and such, but I find rings and bangles just get in the way.

    And I almost never do my nails ... they just chip and annoy me!!

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    Same as Nutter, I wear the same three rings (wedder, eng and eternity) day in, day out, nice nails or not. I don't own any others.

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    I wear my rings as they're the only nice thing to look at on my hands as I'm a hideous nail biter! So I do the reverse and try to detract attention from my nails with my sparkles. I need to start getting my nails done again though so everything is pretty again

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    Jan 2010
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    I wear rings every single day, I feel naked without them. I have nailpolish and remover at work so I can always fix up a mishap, if worse comes to worse I wear clear nailpolish. I also have a regular manicure once a month, but I don't have fake nails I loathe the feeling of them.

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    Jan 2010
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    I wear 5 rings all the time (aside from swollen preggo fingers) & always have my nails done.

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    Oct 2009
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    Re: Nails or rings?

    I also have a regular manicure once a month, but I don't have fake nails I loathe the feeling of them.
    That reminds me of the day before my wedding. On a whim I decided to go get my first proper manicure. Popped in, told them I wanted "just a normal French manicure, nothing special"... I walked out with falsies. By the time I realised what they were doing (I didn't know what's supposed to be involved!), my natural nails had been stripped back and thinned so the falsies would stick Stupid things stayed on for at least three months!

    Anyway. No, I just wear my bridal set, and a cute little ring on the other hand, no matter what I've done with my nails. Usually the polish is chipped, and they're all uneven lengths. I don't mind, and I certainly never notice what other people's hands look like unless they're all gross and discoloured or something. I do like wearing nail polish, but CBF most of the time.