thread: What hairdryer do you have?

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    Mar 2007

    What hairdryer do you have?

    Hi girls,

    Just wondering about hairdryers!!! I am after a new one as the cheap $20 hairdryer i have is not doing what i want it to do! I have long straight hair however it gets a natural kink in it and I like to straighten it out when we go out (now and then!) like to dinner etc.... I always wear my hair up but now and then i will wear it down but only if i can get it dead straight! I am looking at getting a new "Wahl" hairdryer from a hairdresser as thats the one they used on my hair in the salon and it made my hair soooo straight and they didn't even use a brush on it!!!! (you know those brushes when you are doing your hair with a hairdryer?? well they didn't use one!) The hairdresser said as long as I am using the hairdryer correctly, and facing it down the hair so i force it to go down (gravity you know what i mean???!!!) then my hair will go dead straight without having to use a brush!!!

    They are $99 but it's a 2800W hairdryer so VERY powerful! Does anyone have one of these and can you recommend a good hairdryer???? I also have thick hair so it takes ages for my hair to dry so the 2800Watts would also come in handy for drying times i would imagine..?

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    Aug 2006
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    Hello I just wanted to pop in and say that sometimes I have found a more expensive hairdryer to be better value as I had a run of cheap ones spark and or catch fire on me. So I normally pay a bit more.

    I don't know the model you are talking about, but I think a HUGE feature in a hairdryer is how noisy/quiet they are and I also like to be able to control the temperature as well as the speed of air. But I have short hair so I really feel it if it's too hot.

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    Jun 2003

    I have a really good one. That is salon quality, has ionic something or other which prevents frizzy hair and lessens the damage done by the drying process. I think it cost $100 - $145. But its definitely worth it. I also have a cheap hair dryer a Vidal Sassoon I think cost about $30 - $40 which I keep for craft, and if something were to happen to the good one. I think its always good to have 2 because there is nothing worse than being in the midst of drying your hair and it dying LOL! Happened to a friend of mine the other day. I LOVE my hairdryer It dries in half the time as the cheap one, my hair seems to be healthier and shinier after drying and way less work is required to get rid of the frizz


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    Mar 2007

    Yeah i think i'll keep the one I have as a backup one(it's a little remington one) it's a great hairdryer but not for me.. i have really, really thick hair and it's long now and it just takes forever to dry. I think i'll ask Mum for this hairdryer for my b'day! she is looking for ideas after all!