thread: [HELP] How long in the slow cooker?

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    Question [HELP] How long in the slow cooker?

    I've just got a slow cooker! I put everything in and then read the instructions where it said I needed to heat water up in it first then allow to cool So now I'm not sure if I will have time to cook what I wanted to cook for my friend coming over tonight. I have a basic stew type thing prepared. How long do you think it would take to cook on high? It's just a basic 5ltr slow cooker from Kmart which was $25, the brand is homemaker. Thanks so much!

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    I never heated water in mine, just washed the bowl and used it?!

    I reckon you'll be fine to put your casserole in. Depends what sort of meat you bought, but 4-5 hours on high will make it nice and tender, less for chicken.

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    no idea in the slow cooker - as when i use mine i use it all day. i would think for something ready in a couple of hours you may be better off in the oven for a casserole?
    but someone with more slow cooker exp will prob have better advice

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    I did a beef curry the other night and I cooked it on high for three hours. It was fine.

    Put it on now and you can eat by 7pm

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    if you brown the ingredients first & put whatever liquid in that you're using hot then it will help it cook faster. i reckon you'll be fine

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    Yep, I always brown the meat too...

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    If its just veg a few hrs on high should be fine. If its meat, brown it first, cut into small pieces and you might get it cooked in 3-4 hours. GL

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    My rule is it needs 8hrs cooking time low is 1:1 high is 2:1 so i usually time it for when i need it sometimes low 8 hrs, sometimes low 2hrs then high 3 hrs but im abit crazy like that