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Thread: Lamb Shanks Slow Cooked!

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    Exclamation Lamb Shanks Slow Cooked!

    I need a recipe for slow cooked lamb shanks and QUICKLY!
    I plan to eat this tonight and its 11am here so need to get it on soonish so its nie and tender.
    So I am after a recipe that hopefully has everyday items from my cupboard, or I'm screwed!

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    I just throw mine in with whatever I have in the cupboard!

    tin of crushed tomatoes
    some cherry tomatoes if I have some which need using
    if no tinned tomatoes, whack in a bit of tomato paste
    fresh rosemary
    a bit of wine if there is some open
    enough stock to cover

    Are you using a dish in the oven or a slow cooker? If I'm using an oven dish I brown the onion, carrot and shanks first, then add the rest. Make sure you cover the dish with a lid or foil so the liquid doesn't evaporate and you end up with dry shanks. If I'm using the slow cooker I just throw it all in and let it go. If you want a thicker gravy, remove the lid for the last 20-30 minutes of cooking or throw in some gravox for the last 10 minutes or so.

    Are your shanks frenched? If not, you may need to scoop some fat off before you serve.

    I serve mine on mashed spud. Mmmmm..... shanks.

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    thanks Nickle!! I've gone a herb & garlic sort of flavouring, so I hope it is nice!!

    And I was wondering if the shanks did need to be totally covered? But I do have them completely covered now And you dont need to brown the shanks if using an actual slow cooker?? I did but I wasnt too sure, I've only used my slow cooker a handful of times lol
    And I dont think they were frenched cause I got them from Coles. So I'll remember to take the fat off them.

    I hope they are nice cause the last ones I made a while back weren't very good!

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    This is so delicious and so easy. It is a wonderful alternative to the red wine /garlic style and NOT too sweet. I don't bother flouring and pre-cooking the shanks and the meat still falls apart beautifully anyway.

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