thread: SC "rules"

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    I found in my SC (Russell hobbs) I need to layer the ingredients correctly or the veggies don't cook, particularly potatoes. I usually go onion, potatoes, other veg, then meat on top. I am naughty and stir about halfway through to stop the meat drying out too much on top.

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    *** Exciting update *** Just bought a new one, 4.5 L (that's 1.5 L bigger than the old one plus it's an oval shape so more practical for large bits of meat). Haven't tested it yet though, it's heatwave here again so we're having salad and something cooked as quickly as possible on the bbq!

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    Yay MD! Let us know how you go!

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    Sep 2007

    Was just looking through & thought I'd comment on the stainless steel cooker MD mentioned.

    I cook fo rmy brothers workers. Pre cook the meals the day before, then they go to work with them the next morning, so almost every day is a SC mean, because its easier to just heat & eat.

    We have 3. 2 oval with glass lid, & one banquet size. It has a stainless steel lid, but the insert itself isn't SS. I'm not sure what its made of. Its not ceramic, but not metal. The handles come off for the oven & it goes on the stove, but its still a great SC as well. Its my favourite of the 3. I put lasagne's & quiches in it too.

    We actually put foil under the lid on the ceramic ones. Need to keep all moisture in for reheating the next day. We add a bit of water too.