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Thread: What 'sauce' for veg in the slow cooker?

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    Default What 'sauce' for veg in the slow cooker?

    I have a few random veggies that are getting a bit old that I plan to chuck in the slow cooker tomorrow (I'll probably freeze what I make in lunch portions). Anyway, what sauce or flavouring would you suggest? I'm hoping for something I may have around the house to reduce the need to go to the shops (but I will if I have to).

    EDIT - I'm imagining the result being some sort of veggie casserole.

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    I was going to suggest pureeing to make a soup.

    Or you could try curry/spices, herbs, garlic, tomatoes and stock and make a stew/curry. You can add chick peas, beans, lentils etc to pad it out.

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    Make a stew , easily done with vegies , onion , garlic , tin tomatoes , salt pepper ..
    Chunky potatoes added in work well to bulk it up .. If you have any greens , eg green beans pop those in when stew is almost cooked ..
    I make this a lot and its very hearty , filling and healthy on a cold night or day ..

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    Sometimes I'll put in a tin of condensed soup - usually chicken and corn or mushroom etc - and a cup of stock and add veggies chickpeas etc. can add chicken thighs too. Yum!

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