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    Default Vegetable Soup

    Any good recipes out there, i want vege soup tonight but dont want meat at all in it, i have lentil and small pasta shells so can include those i also have LOTS of vegies so please anyone ive tried googling but everything still includes meat

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    I just use veggie stock.
    Onion, garlic and olive oil in the pot then add the veggie stock, chop up all your veggies and throw them in, add your lentils and pasta, let it cook and then serve and season with salt n pepper. Enjoy with some nice toasty bread. Quick and easy. You could even make it a minestrone by adding a cpl cans of tinned tomatoes and some herbs.

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    I do as above, except I blend the soup before adding the lentils or pasta.

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    I make mine without any oil. The vegies "sweat" and release moisture hat they gently cook in.

    Chop onion, throw into large pot on very low heat.
    Chop 2-3 celery stalks, chuck in with the onion
    Chop 2 carrots, chuck in pot.
    Chop whatever other slow vegie you are using (cabbage, cauli, pumpkin, turnip, whatever...) Throw in pot.
    Add vegie stock, enough to cover. Also add tomatoes if you're using them.
    Chuck in lentils, I usually use at least a cup. Up the heat, bring to the boil.
    Simmer for 30 mins (longer for brown lentils)
    Add pasta
    Add any of your "quick" vegies (sliced green beans, peas, spinach etc)
    After 10-15 minutes, remove from heat, serve.


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    Im going to make a big pot of soup today
    With whatever i have at home already mixed together

    ill let you know how it goes ....

    I put in a can of mixed beans (3 kinds)
    a can of crushed tomatoes
    a can or peas and corn
    a packet of beef soup mix, though i dont know how that will taste... and im going to add celery when i get some today and small pasta shells later to serve

    with crusty bread

    Hope it tastes good for dinner
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    1/2 a small cabbage
    3 carrots
    1 big red capsicum
    1/2 celery
    1 bunch spring onions
    8 mushrooms
    1 red chilli (if desired)
    1 big tin tomatoes
    1L stock (or just 2 cubes dissolved in 1L water)
    1 bunch corriander

    chop up everything, chuck it in a soup cauldron, set to boil. simmer for 45 minutes, until the carrot and cabbage is soft.

    chuck in the corriander for 5 minutes.


    and of course you can basically chuck in any other veg, pulses, beans or pasta you like

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