thread: Chippyrabbit - thinking of you today on DS birthday

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    Chippyrabbit - thinking of you today on your DS' birthday


    Thinking of you and your beautiful boy who was born on this day two years ago, but wasn't able to stay. Much love to you, DP and your little girl today and always. Taking the kids out today to send up 2 balloons to your beautiful boy.

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    Hun, hope you can take today and remember your little man.

    Sent from my iPhone, more than likely while I should be doing something else!

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    Dec 2007

    You are in my thoughts .


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    Thinking of you hun

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    Apr 2009

    Thinking of you

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    Nov 2010

    Thanks Guys, yesterday was harder than i thought having the little one as a reminder of what i missed. But on the upside people (especially family) that made no effort last year made the effort this year which makes me feel like Thomas is not forgotten. I especially want to thank my beautiful IRL friend HOTI that has been the greatest supporter of me (as i know she has of many people on belly belly) who has let me rant and rave and tell her all the irational stupid things that pop into my head without judgement which i know is something i couldn't have got through the last couple of years without.

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    Chippy I'm sorry I missed Thomas's birthday yesterday. Sounds like it was an ok day - all things considered. Hope you are being gentle with yourself and know that lots of people on here were thinking of you.