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Thread: Remember Chase

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    I dont know what to say. I am so sorry my darling. My heart and thoughts go out to you & your partner and especially little Chase. Bless you all x

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    The hugest hug CM. I can only send you love and hugs at this time and I am so sorry that you are going through all of this. I hope writing it all down provided some relief in that moment. Baby chase is in my thoughts.

    I am utterly shocked by that lady who contacted you with her 'condolences'. What a heartless and horrible thing to say. Don't feel like you have to respond in a particular way to people or respond at all. Real friends will understand. When we lost our daughter my phone was left on silent for weeks and I checked it maybe once a day if I was up to it. I don't think I answered the home phone at all for weeks and weeks. People really do understand and those that don't aren't worth your trouble at the moment.


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    Thank you everyone for your kind words and thoughts.

    We're having a hard time picking a middle name at the moment and finding time to do a memorial for him (terrible I know) its just I don't want to plan anything without the other half, and he's flat out catching up on work he missed while he was off with me.

    The "friend" is just someone in the same social circles as me, I honestly have no idea how she even got my phone number (as I don't offer it out freely), so it took a few messages to actually get out who it was.

    I have counselling again later today, I think they are going to suggest a different type of counselor (I didn't know you had different ones!), so will see what happen's I spose. I feel like I'm coping a little better, mind you I broke down in the shops on Saturday because one isle was completely blocked off by shoppers and only way through was to go through baby clothes, I initially didn't even give a second thought to it, it wasn't until we were halfway through that I broke down in tears. My other half was super supportive though and ended up getting me out of the shops (I don't like shops at any time, I make a terrible female!) and we went and had lunch on the beach and he even let me have a little nap. So maybe not coping a little better but perhaps moving forward?

    I do feel like crap though, DF came home late the other night and wanted to talk openly but was scared of upsetting me.. We had a talk and now he's terrified of even thinking of trying for another baby ever. So now I feel mega confused about everything, there's no kisses goodnight, no cuddles (and yeah, it's hot but it's never stopped him before), we barely talk and I feel a little ignored.. I'm sure it's just him trying to process and cope with it all, but at the same time I can't help but be a little insecure and feel like he hates me for not being able to stay pregnant..

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    Oh Hun it is not your fault! I'm sure your DH doesn't feel like that at all. He may be trying to work out the best way of dealing with his own grief and also helping you.

    I know a lot of men withdraw into themselves when grieving. You both need eachother. It's great you went to the beach together and had some time out. Could you bring your DH to counseling with you too? Sort of a way to get him to discuss how he's feeling too, and maybe a way for you both to discuss it?

    Lots of , love and thoughts for you.

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