thread: Anyone have experience with having tubes tied during c-section

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    Aug 2010

    Anyone have experience with having tubes tied during c-section

    I was thinking of having my tubes tied with my csection. But I have been reading up about the side effects. Hormonal changes. Depression. Cysts. Heavier periods. Failure of procedure and pregnancy. The last thing I want is these hormones to stay the same or I get depression which is in my family..

    Has anyone has this done and has side effects or know anything about this ?

    Then I was thinking what happens if something happens with the baby .. God forbid.. And I have done something so perminate.

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    Sep 2010
    North West Victoria, Australia

    I had mine done via lap in March, and I have had no side affects. My periods only go for 3 days now, instead of a week but that could still be linked to breastfeeding.

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    Apr 2010
    Brisbane, Australia

    I'm giving birth via c section in Nov and planning on having my tubes tied at the same time. We were planning on a vasectomy but after reading Kelly's thread about her partners side effects and looking into it a bit more we decided to go with the tubes instead. My OB says it's an extra 5 mins onto the c section ahjnd adds no extra recovery or anything.

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    Apr 2010
    Brisbane, Australia

    Anyone else got experience? Any side effects from having tubes tied?

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    Oct 2007
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    Couple of women at kinder pick up were talking about it, and there is a slightly lower success rate when the tubes are tied during a c section compared to at a time separate from the birth due to organs potentially being swollen from pregnancy and the surgery etc.

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    Oct 2004
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    A friend of mine wanted her done with her c-section, but the OB refused due to the swelling in the area at time reducing the odd of the procedure being a success. She had it done as a separate procedure later