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    I know it seems really, really overwhelming to read that, but I'm coming from a *good* place kwim? I don't mean any harm or disrespect. It's the single biggest choice a woman will ever have to make about her body IMO and it's not one to be taken lightly so this is the one time where you really, really do need all the available information to read over and make a fully informed decision.

    what is most interesting is that they try to 'sell' it to you by saying they will leave your ovaries in and make you think that everything will be alright because you will still have some sort of hormone production, but without the uterus, the ovaries will go into premature failure within a few years, leaving you with nothing. Then hormone replacement therapy is not without it's risks either. Seek a second opinion, and even a third if you have to. Maybe in your individual situation this is the only option left for you, but you won't know that. The Dr i saw was one that i trusted. he was my gyno for many years and performed both of my lap surgeries. I feel that he only suggested hysterectomy because he knew that my DH had had a vasectomy - the very first question he asked me was had I finished having children to which I answered yes. In hindsight, that question should have sent huge alarm bells ringing but it didn't. I had absolutely no idea that he would suggest a hysterectomy. he even went so far as to say I had fibroids during a 2 minute scan. Fibroids! I was totally symptom free and had no idea I had them, but it didn't sit right, especially when he was urging me to have such drastic surgery. So I got a referral from my GP for a proper scan 4 weeks later. Guess what? No Fibroids. Not even a tiny one. So not only was my gyno prepared to remove my perfectly normal and fully functional uterus for no other reason than I'd finished having babies, he also lied to me to pressure me to do it. he did not have my best interests at heart. Only his own by way of money to be made from it.

    I know it sounds like I'm coming on really strong about this, but I have to. So many women have their female sex organs unnecessarily removed every day and even if after reading all this you still decide that it's the best option for you, then you will be making that decision with a clear conscience and knowing that it is the right thing for you

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    Maruschke - my mum had the mesh sling for a bladder prolapse - she'd already had a hysterectomy years prior but if you want some first hand story on the mesh sling and I can put you in contact