thread: When is it too soon?

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    My DH had the snip after 4 children and 28 years old. Then 9 years later we met, got married and have had 2 ivf babies. So, like another poster said, you don't really know what's going to happen in the future. But I guess it's all fixable. I mean, it's not like he could never have another child and there were no 'accidents' in the meantime.

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    I'm same she as you and same amount of kids dh and I have decided that yes we want him to have the snip but we will wait 5-10 years before we make a permanent decision due to out age and you never know if you might change your mind in the future

    My parents were 100% done after 2 kids at your age so mum got her tubes cut but then 10 years later she got them repaired and went in to have 3 more kids of which I am one and very thankful they did otherwise I wouldn't be here lol

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    Re: When is it too soon?

    So we decided on New Year's Eve (as you do) to start trying, it was around the right time to cycle wise. And try we did for the next few weeks. Then my period showed up and we were both so relieved. And so we have stopped trying and I feel so content with that that I don't think we will start again. Although ask me again when I'm ovulating.

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    Re: When is it too soon?

    We knew it's what we wanted to do even before ds was born even if he had been a girl. The toll of those last few weeks not only one but our family being on bed rest from 34 weeks with constant contractions was exhausting so I knew I wasn't going to do it again. Dh agreed and we asked our gp at 4 weeks but he recommend we wait a year, so I had the implant put in for a year, we never wavered and dh had the referral right on 12 months. We are both happy with the decision we were youngish at 33 and 34 but we have been together since we were 15. We haven't regretted it at all ds is now 3.5