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Thread: Icing help!

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    Ahhhhh ok cool so like 2 lots of icing essentially. Still deciding when im gonna ice it! Party is at 10am eeeps!

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    Ok one more question before I drive everyone spare with cake talk - can I can make this the today for tomorrow morning or will I have to do it tomorrow? Fridge overnight if I do it today - it's freezing mcneezing here so the heating is on all day at the mo.

    ETA: Just found the 3 day recommedation on Martha - will refrigerate overnight and then ice the cake tomorrow
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    ETA: Re-read original post like I should have in the first place.
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    Default Re: Icing help!

    Bumping this for Rouge = I need HELP!!!

    I made this a few years ago and it worked beautifully, did it again tonight - brought it up to 60degrees and then whipped for ages until it was beautiful and white and glossy. All good to this point and then I added the butter and it's now soupy and runny and just wont whisk up. Have tried paddle beater and whisk on my KA and nothing is working. Am guessing maybe the meringue wasn't cooled enough but other than that I am a bit worried to try again in case it does it and I waste a dozen eggs! Any ideas on why it would do this - have beaten it on paddle with about 1/5 of the butter in it so far for over 10 mins and isn't thickening up at all so Im guessing it's done. Bugger.

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