thread: Best position?

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    Oct 2008

    With Moo I gave birth standing, so I just turned and sat on the bed for awhile holding Moo until I got in to feed. With Buster I laid on the floor (I was already down there lol) on my side until the placenta was out, then I got tucked up into bed.

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    Mar 2008
    North Northcote

    with this baby i remained sitting/squatting until placenta arrived. then waited for DD3 to stop feeding and we went to the couch where i lay down with her feeding lying across my chest for maybe half an hour. then i sat up semi-reclined to eat some toast. but that didnt last long...wasnt terribly comfy by that stage as i was ready for some sleep.

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    May 2011

    I gave birth laying on my side so as soon as my girl was born, I just rolled onto my back as she was placed on my chest. The bed was then raised a bit so I was in a semi reclined position The midwife just made sure I was comfortable and she was pretty happy with how little blood I lost. The only thing the midwife really said was when I felt a contraction to push to so the placenta would be delivered. I didn't really feel any contractions, I just pushed and it came out.