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Thread: Follow me, Mum! - breastfeeding videos on Youtube

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    Default Follow me, Mum! - breastfeeding videos on Youtube

    I just found these, I like 'em they seem very helpful and they're Australian!

    Breast Crawl
    YouTube - Breast Crawl - Baby's First Meal

    Follow me Mum 1
    YouTube - Follow Me Mum 1.

    Follow me Mum 2 - practical steps to good attachment and comfortable breastfeeding
    YouTube - Follow Me Mum 2.

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    They were very good.. I never realized the nipple went all the way to the back like that...

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    Wow, that was fantastic Julie. I've read lots on correct attachment, seen pictures and with Kyla I had 10 weeks in hospital with nurses helping me try to breastfeed, but having that visual instruction is so different.
    Gabe is not attaching correctly a lot of the time - he falls off alot, I see milk around the corner of his mouth when feeding and sometimes hear him gulping air. So I'll have to see if after watching that I can get it right. Otherwise I think a LC may be in order.
    Thanks for positing it!

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