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Thread: My poor friend

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    Default My poor friend

    Had her gorgeous little boy last night.

    Jesse Richard

    She's only very young (16), & very small. Little Jesse was born 8lb 5oz.

    She ended up with 3rd degree tears & in theatre for 3 hours being stitched up.

    I feel so bad for her. She had Jesse at 6.45pm, but didn't get to see him til 12.30am.

    That seems like such a long time.

    I'm a bit worried about her & how she will handle this. How many people go through something like that with no issues?

    I honestly don't think she'll want another baby after that.

    Considering she is so young & that she really wanted to go natural & wants to BF & do the best she can, I'm a bit worried that her start to motherhood will have an affect on all that.

    I wish I lived closer, but her mum is pretty good. She'll get alot of support there.

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    I totally understand your concerns ... so sorry i have no helpful words of advice BUT i wanted to say what a wonderful friend she has in YOU

    Maybe if you ever get the feeling she is unsure of anything tell her what you would have loved to have heard when you had your 1st baby ... and reassure her no matter what, what a wonderful Mother she is !!

    (My Mum was a 1st time Mum a 17 & all she got were knocks & sniggers ... never a kind word ... and even though my Mum did make some severe mistakes at my expense she DID what was her BEST ... and that does count) !!

    Hope your friend does fine ...keep us updated ok.

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    oh skye...i hope shes ok...tell her congrats on the birth of the jesse..
    hopefully shel recover ok.
    love rach xxxx

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    What a traumatic thing to experience! I really hope she can recover quickly and well, and that he breastfeeding isnt compromised.

    Do pass on congratulations on the birth of her son!

    Perhaps if she is having trouble dealing with things she could come in here and have a look around, get some support and share the experience with other women who understand her feelings and journey.

    I am sure that even though far away you can be an amazing support to her

    x Lex

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