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Thread: Recipe for anti-bleed tea

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    Default Recipe for anti-bleed tea

    This is from Gloria Lemay.

    2 Tablespoons Shepherd Purse
    1 Tablespoon Fennel
    1 broken Cinnamon stick

    Get your big mug ready before the baby is born.

    Put all herbs in a big pot. Boil water separately and pour boiling water (at least 5 cups) over the herbs. Let steep. (You may have to re warm but do that with least heat possible. Leaf and seed herbs are not boiled).

    Put 2 teaspoons maple syrup or honey in the cup with a spoon. Have bendy straw ready. Put tea strainer (small strainer with a handle) over the top of the cup. As soon as the baby is born one attendant runs to get a cup of the tea and the straw. Make sure it?s warm but not hot enough to burn mother?s mouth with a swallow. Give it to her and say ?This tea will help your placenta come out smoothly, all in one piece.? Say this only once. Keep offering the tea liberally.

    The mother?s body needs warmth inside and out after the birth and women seem to love the taste of this tea plus the hydration.

    We use this tea for primips. With multips we use a crampbark/cinnamon tea for helping to reduce the afterpains. Barks and roots are boiled so there is a different method for preparation.
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    has anyone used this? and have some personal experience stories?

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    I haven't, but after birth my midwives gave me arnica, both under my tongue and later in a water bottle to sip at, which helped.

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    I used arnica for a few days too. I thought it helped with bruising and swelling?

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