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Thread: Group G Strep?

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    Default Group G Strep?

    I've just had my swab for group B strep, which came back negative, but I did test positive for group G strep. Has anyone else been through this, or can anyone give me more info? I know it will most likely be treated with antibiotics during labour, but that's about the extent of my knowledge, and google is just confusing..!

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    Strep bacteria can be obtained by swabbing the back of the throat, the vagina, the rectum, or the infected area with a piece of sterile cotton. A blood sample can also be taken. Microscopic examination of the smear can identify which type of bacteria has been collected. A rapid strep test may be done to test for step throat infection. This kind of test gives results within the hour. A sample may also be sent to a lab for traditional culturing, which takes from one to two days, because this form of testing is more accurate than the rapid strep test.

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    I dont know much about it but as far as I know you do need antibiotics in labour as it can be bad if passed onto bub. Though that being said, I think the risk of passing it onto bub is extreamly unlikley.

    I didnt even know there was a Strep G... I thought Strep B was it..

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