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Thread: recurrent thrush (TMI-sorry)

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    Unhappy recurrent thrush (TMI-sorry)

    I am currently 24 weeks and have had a bout of thrush for about the last month.. I have used two lots (7 days each) of the Resolve thrush cream (the first time just applying to the outside and the second time inserting a little with a finger as I was advised to not use the applicator..)

    Unfortunately it seems to have come back (within a few days of finishing the cream).. I don't know what to do - my ob said it was fine to use the cream again but I am a little worried about the affect on the baby and also that it is obviously not sorting out the problem, just relieving the symptoms while using the cream..

    Does anyone have any advice - it is starting to get me down and is also making me very paranoid about the pregnancy..

    This is the first time I have ever had thrush and don't really want to have it for the rest of my pregnancy!!


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    I am in the middle of using the Canisten 6 day cream and it is awesome! Maybe give that brand a try??

    There is a ling on here somewhere about using garlic too.. maybe research that??

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    Hi IBerru I am actually participating in a clinical trial for thrush at the moment (where I take a specialised probiotic as I have a huge candida problem) - and they advised me that you can use a probiotic capsule internally to address the thrush. It can either be inserted without breaking it, or you can put some on your fingers and spread it around.

    Are you also able to take some probiotics orally at the moment? That might boost some of the defenses!

    Hope you get some relief soon!

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