thread: thrush - worried about baby - TMI**

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    thrush - worried about baby - TMI**

    Ok so i have rather nasty thrush, will be going to the chemist tomorrow to try get that 6 day treatment cream with the applicator things as advised by the midwife...

    I'm a bit concerned tho, what happens if baby comes along before it clears up? I've read it can transfer to bub and cause all sorts of problems, so does that make the best option a c-sect if it's still active and as bad as it is? Anyone given birth with thrush active and not transfered it to bub?? Also not sure if the cream might have any effect on baby? I think i would have to stop using it if my waters broke but again, not sure! Help!

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    They use canestan to treat in bubs and it's more an issue if undetected. My friend just had to put canestan in bub's mouth, steralise bottles with the disinfectant stuff (milk never came in) and keep and eye on bub's bits. If it's in bubs mouth you have to canestan nipples too i think. They'll let ya know what to do if it does happen to transfer.


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    Have a chat with the pharmacist, and mention it to your carer next visit, your concerns. I've had it a couple of times and the GP has prescribed a double course of the creams

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    I had extremely bad thrush while heavily pg with DD2. Midwives and I were concerned it would transfer to bub during labour, but fortunately it didn't. I think I was just lucky though as it was really bad.

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    There are some pessary tablets that you can use as well. I had it really bad early in this pregnancy and was told NOT to use the applicator as it could go through the cervix and puncture the membranes.

    The pessary tablets are technically a 7 day treatment where you put them in as far up as you can push them (get DH to do it for you) every evening but I was told that you can double them up to make it go quicker. After 7 days I was completely thrush free and haven't had a problem with it since.

    Hope that helps

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    I'm sure things will be ok. Thrush is a fairly mild and easily treatable infection. Even if bub got it, I'm sure it would be ok.

    Here's a link I found very interesting, for you.

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    What Kellie said. and also Jenna! Dont use app. and bubs will be fine!

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    A friend of mine had really bad thrush when she had her last bub. She didn't realise it was thrush but the midwife commented on how bad it was. There wasn't any problem with the baby though.

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    I was also told not to use the applicator.

    The pessaries work in a couple of days or less. Take some probiotics on top of that and I'm sure you'll be fine.

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    I've had it a couple of times. Used the one day pessary but was told to insert it without the applicator.... Cleared up quickly.

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    Aww sweets!
    No advice really but I am sure that you can talk to a pharmacist or GP and ask what's the best??

    I am sure you can get rid of it before thumper comes!

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    Thanks everyone! My midwife actually recommended to use the cream WITH the applicator! How does it work without, do i just put some cream on my finger and try to get it on the 'walls' so to speak? Thinking i might look for the tablets instead, sounds easier but she said the cream was easier and very efficient...

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    You can use the applicator. It will not harm your baby or go through the cervix. Just be gentle when inserting it.

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    I get thrush quite badly from old internal damage and what I do is what you said, on my finger and kinda coat the inside of the hoohaa but also spread it on the outside to ease the itching (if you are itchy)...

    I also tried to keep it really clean so shower in the morning and at night and in the day I would use the flushable wipes if I needed to reapply the cream to the outside...

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    [QUOTE=JennaJayen;2588044 I had it really bad early in this pregnancy and was told NOT to use the applicator as it could go through the cervix and puncture the membranes.[/QUOTE]

    You'd have to be insanely rough for that to happen!

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    thanks everyone, i was looking at the applicators thinking "how is this such a big no no when DTD is surely much harsher!!!

    Thanks for all the help and advise tho!

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    I get recurrent thrush, due to lots of chemo and obscene amounts of very strong antibiotics for a prolonged period of time (I shouldn't even be able to get pregnant.....) and the pharmacy pulled me up when I bought the pessary with applicator. I have never had a problem using it before, this is my 4th baby (2 CS then natural birth at sunshine with caseload, planned HB this time) but the lady said that I can actually insert the inner health tablets as an alternative. I take inner health daily, has anyone else tried inserting them? I guess it can't hurt....