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Thread: Any older older ttc mums?

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    Hi everyone I would really love to chat to any other women in their 40's who are ttc. I had a loss last year at 10 weeks and we were not going to try again, but here we are...and it isn't happening
    I am 43, and am blessed with two beautiful kids which makes me grateful and lucky, it's just that it feels like there is one more soul who wants to join us...
    The fruitless trying with a cycle that is sometimes fine and sometimes whacky gets difficult to deal with at times, and it would be comforting to share th journey.

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    Hi there finsmum, sorry you've been having a tough journey. I'm not over 40 (not yet anyway!) but there is a thread for older mums trying to conceive, so thought I'd pop in and post the link for you

    I hope your dream comes true soon xox

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    Hi finsmum,
    I'm sorry for your loss and struggles. I know you'll find lots of support and friendship here. Feel free to pop into any of the Long Term TTC threads as well as the older ladies TTC thread too.

    All the best with your journey.

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    Thank you both SO much!! I do need support, it's a difficult journey, and I will go to threads you hav both recommended. Feeling rather beaten by it at the moment :/
    Thanks xo

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    Hi finsmum. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I'm a little younger, but will probably be menopausal by your age, so in a similar situation with regard to egg reserve and quality. I hope you have success with TTC soon.

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