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Thread: Calling Herbalists - Vitex & MC - Any link??

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    Darily Guest


    Hi Klee,

    How are you? Hope you're getting through this hot weather OK.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence with the acupuncture. My appointment is at 3.30pm today and I can't wait. The lady I'm seeing combines acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, and when I spoke to her on the phone she said she'll be putting me on some kind of herbal tonic.

    I don't mind if the tonic has Vitex in it, at whatever dose she thinks is good. I just need a professional to tell me what to take so I feel comfortable taking it I guess. I'm feeling really positive about it all, so I'll definitely let you know how I go this afternoon.

    Generally I'm doing OK. I have most of January off work and DH and I will be in Noosa around O time, so I'm planning on lots of relaxing and Bding, with my fingers tightly crossed! I still get pretty sad every day, but I'm doing my best to keep at it and stay positive as I think that's important.

    I'm so excited for you, and Joey is just the cutest name. Half way there my friend, and the second half will fly by I'm sure!

    Take care of you x

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    Hi darily,

    Are you ok with me pm'ing you?, as I said I had been thinking of you but wasn't sure if you'd be ok with hearing from me, but then I thought this is a topic I can give advice and help with and I'd really love to chat with you. If not I totally understand too. Good luck with your appointment today and remember go in with an open mind, I also wanted to say that my sister used acupuncture and Chinese herbs after she had a missed miscarriage approx 2 and a half years ago, and she now has a bumbling 15 month old on her hands, he walked at the age of just over 7 months, everything he is she gives her acupuncturist credit for.

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    Darily Guest


    Hi Klee,

    Of course I'm OK with you PMing me, that would be great.

    Just got back from the acupuncturist, and it certainly is different!! She was talking about me being "cold" around my uterus and that we needed to work on getting the blood flowing properly to my ovaries etc.

    She gave me a jar of chinese herbs to take 2 teaspoons with hot water each morning, not too sure exactly what's in there, but she said it will work to warm up that area. Apparently the lower back pain I get every few months could also be due to this "coldness".

    I found the acupuncture good too, can't really feel anything.

    The points she focussed on today aparently get everything flowing again down there (as I'm on CD 2 today) and she has asked me to book in for a session when I'm away in Noosa on CD14 to induce ovulation, trying to get my cycle back to more of a 28 day thing. So now I'm searching for someone in Noosa, but I think I've found someone

    If I O anywhere around CD14, it will be soooo exciting, even if it does take a few months to happen.

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