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Thread: The horrible wait!

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    Just want people's advice and opinions.
    I have a darling daughter born in Oct 08. She took 15 months and clomid tablets to come along.
    We ttc in April 11 and after the implanon was removed. We had a positive result. I lost the baby at 6 weeks.
    We started trying in Jan of this year and on Friday I got a positive result on 2 home tests and the blood test was positive but no hcg levels given.
    I went for a repeat blood test today and the pregnancy was negative. I have no bleeding or discharge and I have all the symptoms of an early pregnancy.
    He said my period should be arriving in 1-2 weeks, if it doesn't come they recommend a repeat bloods.
    I have everything crossed that aunt flow doesn't arrive but I have this feeling she will. I am heartbroken.

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    nothing I can say will change things, but I just wanted to give you a whole heap of these....


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    Thank you so much. Means alot. I'm just trying not to keep my hopes up that AF won't arrive.

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    Well still no AF so I did a home test this morning and its positive. What to do???

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    Hi clareybear83,
    That is really confusing :/ i wonder if it has anything to do with the amount of hcg that the tests read? Some detect as low as 5 and some dont detect until 25. Same with doctors, some accept a positive as above 5 and some wait until 25+. Maybe wait a few days and POAS again and take it to your doctor? Good luck! Fingers crossed for you and lots of hugs!! xxxxxxxx

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    I am pregnant. The pathology place stuffed up. I had my dating scan yesterday. I am 6 weeks and 3 days. Due 6th April. So happy

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    oh wow this must be tough for you.. i hope the doc is just waiting for the hcg to come up 25+ for you before they confirm the pregnancy.. my fingers are crossed for you Good Luck

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    Wow that is a big stuff up

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