: How long did you wait to conceive again?

  • Next cycle

    26 43.33%
  • 2-3 months

    13 21.67%
  • 3-6 months

    8 13.33%
  • 6-12 months

    8 13.33%
  • 12 months or longer

    5 8.33%

thread: How long did it take you to try to conceive again?

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    Jun 2005

    I m/c on 17th March 2003 at 9weeks. As per everyone else it was a very emotionally charged time and docters "advised" that I wait approx 3 months to give my body and mind time to heal. For me tho that was the worst possible thing, I couldnt bear the thought of waiting.

    My husbands birthday is April 1 and we dtd to celebrate (as you do!), was the first time dtd since the m/c. I hadnt even completed a cycle or had AF yet, but I fell pregnant and 40 weeks later on her due date 23/12/03 Miss Gabriella was born.

    I am a VERY impatient person hence the reason we tried straight away. In hindsight, perhaps mentally I wasnt quite ready as I was still extremely emotional for quite some time but my body obviously was ready!

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    Feb 2007

    I may be completely off track but in the last day I have been feeling a few symptoms of pregnancy again. I had a D and C (at 7.5 weeks blighted ovum) 3 weeks ago and am sure I started to ovulate last Thursday (I could feel that "cracking" sensation on one side). We decided to take the opportunity to ttc again and since yesterday I've had the same "niggling" in the uterus I had with the last pregnancy at this stage. Yesterday arvo and this morning I'm feeling that nausea again. I fell pregnant immediately after ceasing the pill last time we tried.

    Yes I know I could be fantasising - but anyway now the wait...

    My obs/gynae did say conception is more likely after a d and c (I've since heard that is an old wives tale - he is a pretty old fashioned doctor) and certainly didn't have any probs with us trying again immediately.

    What a bloody rollercoaster this ttc/miscarriage thing is!

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    Jul 2006

    After having a missed m/c at 11 weeks we were advised to wait two cycles before TTC again. We waited the first, which I was happy to do as I didn't feel ready, and thought we were waiting out the second, but my body had other ideas and Od when it usually wouldn't. We had bd the day before, and then realised that we were a chance to get pg, so waited nervously. Two weeks later we got our BFP! I felt a little bit bad at first, worried that if I m/c again it would be my fault because we didn't wait, but I'm now 26 weeks pg and have had no problems!

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    Jan 2006
    Melb, Vic

    My first loss was an ectopic pg so I had to wait due the surgery etc (waited around 10 wks for af to arrive and then ttc first cycle after that). With the natural m/c we ttc next cycle. Didnt get pg til the second cycle after m/c! Now 18wks pg and all good

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    Aug 2006

    I had a missed m/c at 12 weeks. We had to wait a few cycles following our loss because I needed surgery to remove a cyst from my ovary.

    Unfortunately following the surgery we were told it would be very difficult to fall prg naturally so we chose to go to IVF.

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    Nov 2005

    I m/c on 4th February 2004 after 2 years TTC. 3 years later, i'm still waiting for that ever elusive BFP.