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Thread: Not sure it ever gets easier....

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    Default Not sure it ever gets easier....

    Hello ladies,

    It's been awhile since I have been on here and unfortunately I still don't have any pregnancy news!

    It is now well over two year since my first of two miscarriages. In that time I stopped seeing a large group of my friends, mainly because they were pregnant or had managed to give their first born born a brother or sister. Saw a councilor, went on and then came off anti depressants and somehow managed to stay married. So as you can see it has not been an easy ride, which I am sure many of you can relate to.

    I managed to get myself together and we have recently started trying again.

    I burst into tears last night because I got my period and my husband was really cross. He had only agreed to try again because I was in a better place. I genuinely am, but ladies you all know it is an emotional roller coaster and you cant help but get your hopes up. I am now really nervous that he will change his mind.

    We don't talk about any of this in front of my son, but he is now aware that he is the only one of his friends who doesn't have a sibling. He often asks if there is a baby in my tummy and where his baby do you answer that!

    I am so grateful to have a little boy already, but would love him to grow up with a brother or sister.

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    Default Not sure it ever gets easier....

    So sorry you have to be in here
    I'm in the same boat as you hun, unfortunately you are not alone.

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