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Thread: Ovulation after miscarriage

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    Default Ovulation after miscarriage

    hey, I'm new to the forum, Although I found comfort in reading for a while now. I had a miscarriage on the 31st jan this year at 5.5 wks and was shocked to see ovulation signs on the 6th 7th and 8th. I had the pains I usually get and EWCM...

    Could I have ovulated?

    Advice would be much appreciated

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    Sorry, I'm not sure about Oing so soon after m/c. I just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear of your loss.

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    i miscarried early in Jan and had a D+C- i believe i ovulated a couple of weeks after that- i could feel the tingling feeling i normally have and had EWCM too

    my doctor said it is normal to ovulate a couple of weeks after the D+C but told me not to TTC until i had a period...i ignored him and TTC anyway but no luck, just got AF on sunday.

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    Hi - I'm sorry you had a miscarriage. I had an early miscarriage 4w6days middle of November last year - I ovulated exactly 2 weeks later, and fell pregnant again - I'm now 10 weeks, and this one feels like it will stay.

    I think because your miscarriage was so early - your normal ovulation will return on schedule!

    Good luck - and take heart from me - you can fall quickly again!

    Lee x

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    Sorry to hear of your loss.

    After my first miscarriage (late miscarriage) we were told not to conceive for three cycles...well I didn't ovulate for three cycles anyway. After my second miscarriage (8 weeks) I ovulated three days after I finished bleeding (two week after my hcg levels began to fall). In my experience, the earlier you miscarry, the quicker your cycle gets back into gear and so yes, I would say you probably ovulated.

    Lee, that's great news! I fell straight away too - first time I ovulated after my second miscarriage. I am 20 weeks. So yes, you can fall pregnant straight away, and no, it doesn't mean anything bad will happen to the new baby.

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    Lee & Gabi...congrats and thanks for "hope"...Leopard...hope everything goes your way!

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    I agree that you probably did O. After my m/c's last year I O'd exactly two weeks later with both. Ater the 1st one it took 4 cycles to conceive, after the second one it took just 2 cyles and this ones a sticky one.

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