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Thread: TTC #2 after 3 MC..

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    Default TTC #2 after 3 MC..

    Hi all.. my DP and i have had a rough trot lately and i need some help to get through this.

    ok well i have had 3 misscarriages 1st in Dec 2012, 2nd Feb 2013 and fianlly the worst one in August 2013 that turned ceptic, i got a suction curet done after spending 3 days in hospital ooohhhhh it was horrible the best part about it was i had my own room .. well it has been a very bumpy and disheartening road for both myself and my partner.. but it has been 6 weeks since i went to hospital and no sign of AF?? my boobs have gone all funny again and im constantly tired.. i am waiting to see the doc on thurs at 4pm after i got a blood test last week. i did a urin test at the docs last monday and it came back neg but i still have my hopes up to a degree that this time we have got it right.. i just needed to get all this off my chst and find out about any success stories to help give us both some hope ..

    thank you

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    well AF showed up this morning.. so now we can let the fun begin in trying again.. hopefully we will get a wonderful xmas gift this year fingers are crossed

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    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear about your losses, and that AF showed up again. Having loss after loss is really hard. Have you looked into getting any testing done as to why you keep m/cing?

    As for success stories, I am one of them. I had 4 m/cs in a row, including 3 D&Cs (curette) and my little boy was born healthy 9 months ago.

    I wish you all the best xx

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