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Thread: TTC after the removal of adhesions

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    Default TTC after the removal of adhesions

    Hi there,
    This is my first post on any kind of forum site (I hope I'm doing it right!) in 2015 my husband and I lost our baby girl at 18 weeks. We have been TTC for a year since then and an ultrasound revealed I had two adhesions that had formed after the miscarriage. Both adhesions have been removed under hysteroscopy but we're now starting treatment for IVF (orientation day is tmrw) I'm just wondering if anyone has had any successful pregnancies after the removal of adhesions? I'm starting to worry that we have a whole lot of miscarriages ahead of us any advise would be much appreciated
    Amy xx

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    Default Re: TTC after the removal of adhesions

    Im so sorry for the loss of your Daughter.
    No advice but best of luck.

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