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Thread: Anyone else in here at the mo?

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    Default Anyone else in here at the mo?

    Just checking in to see if anyone else is TTC ?

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    Hi I'm a newbie to this forum, not sure if this is the right spot for me. I had a d&c 4 weeks ago and have been feeling a bit off the last week or so, did 2 hpt's and both say positive, had a bt on Friday but missed doc's call yesterday! Sooooo nerve wracking wondering what the heck is going on, especially as we were told no heartbeat about 4 weeks prior to d& 8 weeks ago. How are you going Dory?

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    I'm here after another... Five in the last 6 years, miscarriage. Throw in some chems and you get the idea.

    I haven't been able to bring myself to actively post since the mc before last. I feel like I'm constantly on repeat...

    How are you dory?

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    Hi guys,
    I skipped to the normal TTC thread when this went a little quiet some time ago! I've had a few things happen over the last while - still in the TTC space but seem to get more of a response in the other thread.
    Hope all is well. Xxx

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    Hi all,

    I'll pop in and say hi.
    Toomanyshoes - Hugs Hun, it sucks.
    Summery - Oh Sweetie, I'm so sorry, you have been on a rough ride. I understand I've been there too. After losing my daughter full term (2 days old), now I have lost another tiny bub.
    Awesty - Congrats x
    Dory - hi Hun.

    Afm - Miscarried on the 13th March at 11 weeks, hemorrhaged badly and spent a week in hospital. Thought I was on getting to a safer place at 11 weeks, I was wrong. Bubs heartbeat stopped. Comes as a hard blow, my daughter died in 2009 and she would have been 5, just when I lost this one. Life sucks sometimes. Still not got my cycle back, awaiting bleeding to stop.

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    Hi Butterfly Forever, thanks for reaching out. I'm so sorry to hear your journey too, what a ride this baby thing can be for some of us!
    I'm feeling particularly down this week. On Monday we have what would have been our daughters 1st birthday. We are doing ok, just feeling abit away with the fairies and teary at times. It was always going to be a rough week, and I'm sad she isn't here enjoying this life we have.
    BF will you try again soon? That's an awful time for it to happen. Invested enough that it hurts so much.
    Hello everyone else, thanks Dory for refreshing this thread

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    Default Re: Anyone else in here at the mo?

    Still trying here and not succeeding.

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