Hi, some of you may have read my story http://www.bellybelly.com.au/forums/...-6-months.html
3 weeks later I was curious to see if I was ovulating because I had read that you can ovulate 2 weeks to 3 weeks after giving birth and that you are really fertile, ect after giving birth. The first test stick come up that I was not ovulating, but the next day both lines come up both being the same colour no line was darker or lighter than the other. They both were a faint pink colour. When I done my last ovulation test the C line was darker than the T and that month was the month I feel pregnant. So anway I took it that I was ovulating. My partner and I TTC from that day. I tested the next day and same thing. Third day come up with th T line dakrer than the C. I now feel really guilty because I feel asthough I have rushed into things to fast, and thought maybe if I got pregnant that fast it would take a bit of the pain away. If I fell pregnant this month could I potentially put this child at danger too? My partner is a lot older than me. He is 53 and we want to have a child so bad befoe it gets too late for him to experience being a father again. That is the main reason of TTC so fast. Do you think that the ovulation test could have been wrong for some reason seeing as the 2 lines were exact same colour, but very light?