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    Hello to everyone on this forum, I have previously been part of the belly belly forum on miscarriage and loss, however haven't been on in a long time so this particular forum is new to me - but where I belong I think. I've had four miscarriages over the space of 18 months, all in the first trimester and almost all after having had scans that showed a heart beat initially. I've had every test known to man or woman and finally they decided late last year that the only possible option left was to remove fibroids that were lurking both in my womb and in the wall.

    So - having gone through a long recuperative time following that pleasant process, we are back in the baby making business and have another week or so to find out if it's worked - and then the even worse wait to see if the bub is going to 'stick'. Feeling a bit stressed out about the whole process so thought I would come back into Belly Belly - if anyone else has any questions about the fibroid issue please just ask - I've done an immense amount of research and have gone through laproscopic removal via the abdominal entry. Although I'm not completely confident it's going to work I hope to find out one way or another.

    I know some of you have gone through much worse than I have and my heart goes out to everyone in here -hope to be able to come in and chat occassionally to see how everyone else is coping as well...


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    Mish I am so sorry for your losses. Please don't think that your losses are any different to anyone else. We have all lost babies and it hurts so much no matter when it happens. Please join in our forum and I hope that you get your BFP very soon. The wonderful women on this forum will support you through your journey and I hope that 2007 is the year for you. Best wishes and big

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    welcome back Mish - wishing you joyous success TTC again. I agree with Lynn no matter what our gestation our losses we all have lost our baby and that is what we grieve.
    There isn't any comparsion because the babies were special to you. I am so sorry you have been through so much but glad you have come through it to begin again.
    Draw on your great personal strength as you continue this journey with friends on BB to keep you company and to share it all with.
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    Dear Mish

    Im sorry for the lose of your babies, and all babies no matter how early or late are special to us as mums. as always I only wish all of us didnt have to meet this way but since we are all here we can only make each other stronger and better women. This is the right place Like you I have early lose with heartbeats so I do have aquestion or two do the Drs have you on any medication? what sort of plan do they have for you for futrue pregnancy?

    I hope we can all help you through and you to can help us. Good luck with TTC this month!

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    Mish Guest


    Thank you all for your messages of support, it's unbelievably great to be able to talk to women who really truly understand what you've been through. I will try and join in the normal thread of conversation now, but in response to your question Dream, (or should I call you Nat??!) I'm not on any medication now - they tried me on aspirin daily after the first two, but then I had two more so have given up on that idea! At the moment the only plan is to get pregnant and see if it works after the fibroid surgery - apparently the statistics show that in women who have no other identified reason for miscarriage, the conception rate improves considerably - although mine isn't a conception problem so much as a sticking problem!

    Can I ask what they are doing for you? Do they have any suggestions - sounds like you are in a very similar boat...

    Thank you again and I look forward to chatting soon while I'm not at work (could get into trouble shortly!)

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    Hi Mish,

    I am sorry for what you are going through. Wishing you all the best for testing in the next week

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