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Thread: Looking for someone with a similar situation

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    Default Looking for someone with a similar situation

    Hi girls,

    This is my first time on here but after hours of internet research I still can't seem to find an answer to what's happened to me so wondered if anyone could shed some light.

    Here is the situation

    August 04 - Had just met my then boyfriend now husband, had termination
    October 05 - Had a son by csection
    December 05- D&C for retained products of conception
    April 07 - Blighted ovum, d&c to remove it
    Sept/Oct 07 - Chemical pregnancy, got "period" at 5 weeks
    Feb 08 - Miscarried at 6 weeks 5 days, took misoprostol to avoid d&c, didnt work, had d&c and two weeks later woke up with uncontrollably bleeding and clotting falling out of me. Another d&c the next day to remove whatever was left.

    I am guessing that a total of 5 d&cs and a caesar would have caused a lot of scarring to my uterus. It doesn't help that in the last two years I have gained about 20kg which I am pretty sure is from eating and drinking from the pain of it all.

    I think towards the end of the year I will see Dr Mike Aitken at Fertility WA for investigations and try and lose the weight in the process.

    Has anyone had anything similar and had any luck with conceiving afterwards?

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    Hi Renee,
    First of all, welcome to BB and I am so sorry for your losses . You've had a really rough time hun! I can't personally say that I have been through what you have been through, but my advice would be to maybe visit your doctor who then can refer you to a F/S, if you are trying to conceive and have not had much luck in the last 12 months. I'm not sure how old you are, but if you're over 35 they say if you haven't conceived in 6 months of actively trying, go and see a F/S. You might want to check out the TTC after a miscarriage thread, maybe some girls would be able to help you there ?
    Good luck hun, I hope you find some answers soon.

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    Thanks so much

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    Firstly, I am so very sorry for your loss and the difficult times you have experienced. I have also had a number of D&Cs over the past few years (mostly for removal of polyps and some other medical stuff) so I went to a fertility specialist after the loss of my little boy as I also required 2 D&Cs to clear the retained placenta products and bled and clotted so much that I was very concerned damage was caused. My specialist said that numerous procedures can cause scarring of the uterus known as "Asherman's Disease" but it's not very common. My specialist is happy with my uterus and said he could pick up most abnormalities on ultrasound. My suggestion would be to get a referal to a specialist to eliminate any concerns.

    On another note, having many D&C's with manual dialation can cause your cervix to weaken which is probably what happened to me (I have an incompetent cervix) so I would recommend you tell your OB about your procedures when you fall pg again so they can keep a good eye on it.

    Take care and good luck x

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    Default Ashermans

    Hi Renee,

    No one ever talks about this being so difficult...

    I had Ashermans Syndrome after multiple MC/D&Cs and had a lot of the scarring removed by a Hystroscopy. What lead me to this was the lack of period.. let me go back and make some sense.

    After the last MC/D&C I got no period so after 3 months they sent me for an ultrasound. My uterus was so scarred and blocked up they could not get in through the cervix. I was then sent to a specialist who took away the scarring and we fell pregnant. There was however a hole which never healed and ruptured leading to us losing our little girl in December at 32 weeks.

    My advice.. get a referal to a specialist and get it checked out. If it is scarring then pregnancies will either not happen or get to 7-8 weeks and MC. Once the scarring is removed the tissue is healthy for embies to attach and grow. Good luck

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    Default Ashermans Syndrome

    In August 2008 i underwent a laparoscopy for suspected endo.I have a almost 12yr old son and i am almost 31.My husband and i have been ttc for 5 years.After undergoing 3 IUI's and one cycle of IVF resulting in 1 fresh and 4 frozen transfers i gave up hope.I had fallen pregnant on the last frozen transfer but miscarried at 5 weeks.I was then told about a specialist that works with all types of womens problems.He suspected endo straight away....long story short...after years of being classed as "unexplained secondary infertility" my NEW specialist found i had Both tubes blocked and Ashermans syndrome.Caused by my sons caesarean all those years ago.It has been almost 6 months and have started my first clomid cycle today with a "fresh" and "new" uterus and clear tubes.(The doc says im like a new person inside...physically) Just want people to question everything.IVF specialists found nothing.i know they bypass blocked tubes but from what i have been told,ivf wont be succesful if the uterus is full of adhesions and scar tissue.My ovaries were twisted and "stuck" to my uterus.yuk. I just hope this offers hope to people who are always reason why you cant fall....go home and keep trying.I was told that for years,now im out of the dark and on my way to a more hopeful attitude and positive outcome.

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