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    I accidentally posted on another forum... shows ya how internet savvy i am

    I am sorry if this post is incipid. I just cant find any info on second AF after a late loss.

    Ok so I am already getting obcessive about ttc...Finally had first Af after D&E and it was a killer 8 days in Early August. We got the go ahead from the doc, they took me off the rat poison type of blood thinner I was on and put me on Lovenox ( a low weight heparin) so we can get pg no worries.... BUT I am on cycle day 33 and had a positive Opk on cycle day 17. The blood serum tests and the 8 hpts all say bfn.. and still no AF. Is this normal? Did anyone else have delayed cycles after their first AF after a late loss? I was 16 weeks along when we lost the baby. I need to know if this is expected. Basically, I need reassurance or a boot in my butt. Either would be welcomed!


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    Hi CeCe,

    I am sorry about your angel. I have not a loss like yours, mine was at 36w1d, but I would assume that things are the same afterwards and I know my cycle didnt return for about 6 weeks. Well there was about 5 weeks of post partum bleeding and then after a week I got more bleeding and dr said it was AF. I think that after any loss it takes a while for your cycle to return. Your body has gone through a lot. Have the drs done any BTs to see what is going on? Maybe it would be an idea to ask them to do some tests? If not HCG then at least to make sure you O'd and see where you are at. A couple of months ago I had a BT to check progesterone cause I was 4 days late for AF and was getting neg HPTs and it showed that AF was on the way - I got it the day before I got the results.

    Just an idea, sorry probably havent helped much... but good luck

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    Thank you! I am feeling a little insane about it all. I cannot even begin to imagine how hard it must have been to be so close to term and what heartache you must have experienced. I feel like a total heel for having such a bad attitude when I see everyone else's stories. I made an apt with my doc for Monday in case I don't start by then. I guess, deep down, I am just worried that I will hit road block after road block on the road to having another baby. Funny how life slapping you in the face can make ya paranoid. Thanks for the encouragement! You're a doll!


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