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Thread: newbie finally found the right thread!

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    newhope Guest

    Default newbie finally found the right thread!

    im so daft these days i posted on three other threads in this forum but this is the right one for me. some of you responded to me on other threads and i so appreciate it. i delivered our stillborn baby at 28 weeks on easter sunday, and we actually MOVED this week -- probably too early for me physically (i lost a lot of blood in the birth and was allergic to the epidural) but good for me spiritually - i love the new house and it was great to close the door on the old one right now.

    im so touched by all the love flowing our way and looking forward to trying again. im still too sore but excited. i would love any stories anyone wants to share. hugs h

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    I dont have a story to share but just wanted to give you a big hug and a warm welcome to BB. We are all here for you

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    CatherineL Guest


    You must still be hurting allot right now.. All my well wishes go out to you, welcome to BB - i'm glad you found such a great place like BB for support!

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    newhope, was it a sense of cleansing for you? is that what you mean by good for you spiritually.
    you sound quite strong mentally, are you physically recovering okay?.
    I don't have a story to tell re ttc as we are going to just leave it up to nature, but I know some of the other ladies will be able to help you by sharing their stories. I must say though I loved being pregnant and can't wait to be again.

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    Dear Newhope

    Sorry to hear about losing your baby - it is certainly heartbreaking. But great idea to open that new door - you have to be positive and i honestly feel that a fresh/new start is sometimes the best. You will find lots of support from all the girls here.

    Good luck on your journey and will be in touch.


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    *Kristee* Guest


    Dear Newhope,

    Sorry to hear about you losing your precious bundle. You have come to a very supporting group of women. It sounds like you have done some spiritual healing, how are you going emotionally and physically??
    The heart-ache is just unbearable at times isn't it. You sound like a very brave and strong women.
    Take care and keep in touch and let us know how you are going.

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    Hi Newhope,

    I am so sorry but I have not seen your other posts so was unaware of them. I am so sorry to hear you lost your precious baby, and of all the days Easter Sunday. You sound like you are doing well coping. You will have your good and bad days, and that is perfectly normal, just know that we are all here to share the ups and downs with you.

    The TTC journey is an exciting one, but can also be torturous. There are all sorts of emotions that come up, and obviously the journey is longer for some than others. Although, I am sure the ones with the shorter journeys are then experiencing the emotions that come along with the fear and anticipation of what will come.

    My story is that my son Nicholas was born sleeping on 5 September 2006 at 36w1d, due to a blood clot which had formed behind the placenta. It was later realised that I have a blood condition called Anticardiolipin antibodies which caused this to happen. I started on the TTC journey almost immediately and have not found it an easy one. There have been times when I have wanted to give up but I cant, I need to keep trying as it is the only thing that gets me through the days and my only want in this whole world.

    Please feel free to join us all in the main thread, you will find that we are all on slightly different journeys, and all at different stages of that journey, although the goal for every single one of us remains the same - to hold our healthy babies in our arms and bring them home where they belong.

    Would you mind if I ask about your little one? Did you have a boy or girl? Did you give them a name? Have the drs been able to give you any ideas of what happened or what went wrong? (apologies if you have posted these details elsewhere). No pressure, if you dont feel comfortable sharing these things it is perfectly ok.

    Look forward to seeing you around, and hopefully graduating into the pregnancy thread ASAP.

    Thinking of you, your DH and your little angel


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