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    Hi Girls

    I am seeing my Ob at the end of this month. I want to make sure I don't forget to ask certain questions about Tyler and when we can TTC 3 etc....

    What questions did you ask your ob?? Did you find that your obs were happy for extra monitoring and extra visits?? If they weren't did you change obs??



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    Hi Jade

    How are you coping?

    When visited my obs I felt so emotional that I couldn't remember what I wanted to ask him and couldn't really comprehend what he said to me. After I left and had time to think I had heaps of questions!

    So I suggest you write down your questions and take notes of what he tells you to give yourself time to think.

    I had already decided that I'm not going back to him because he was so mean to me when I lost Hamish so I didn't ask about his approach for subsequent pregnancies.

    Good luck to you!

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    Thanks for your reply.

    How are you going?

    We are doing ok. Just feeling so numb like I know he is gone but I still think is this really happening IYKWIM. Having mostly bad days but having some good days. We brought his ashes home this week so at least he is at home with us. I have been writing in a journal most days this seems to help a little bit.


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    Hi Jchab. I am very sorry to read about your loss and I know it must be very difficult coping without your baby Tyler. I hope you have good support and understanding around you, and know that we are all here to listen as well.

    I had my follow up about 6 weeks later and I wrote down questions throughout (either questions to ask or statements to ask if they might have been the reason for losing Nathaniel). It helped give me some peace of mind as it is so hard to remember everything. I had already decided before going to the 6 week that I would see a new Ob as I wasn't entirely happy with the first one. So when we went to see him at 6 weeks I was able to ask my questions but not get too annoyed if I felt he wasn't taking it too seriously. The ob I changed to actually encourages extra monitoring and visits and has an ultrasound in his room so it means whenever I go he is able to check the baby. He was also the one who suggested I have weekly visits with him from 12 to 20 weeks as he acknowledged that this was going to the be the difficult time for me.

    So if you have any doubts about your current dr, I say go with your instinct and look around for someone who will be compassionate and understanding. Having an understanding ob has made this pregnancy that little bit easier.

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