Hi everyone,

Spring - How did it all go? I am sorry you ahve to go through all that cr@p with MIL. I can understand why your DH wants to tell her, but I even more understand why you don't want him too. It just sucks that you should be enjoying this time (well as much as us lot ever could) and instead you are having to stress about this. If you do have to tell her, please try not to let her thoughts/comments or her potential to spill the beans worry you. At least you are interstate and you physically don't have to deal with it. Outta sight outta mind - make it your new mantra!! I hope what ever you guys decide, you are ok with it. How did your family react??

Lynn - OMG, how's your MIL's form?? More front than Dolly Parton is what my mum would say to that. but seriously, what Flowerchild said makes sense to me, that she may just not know what else to do, so this makes her feel like she's 'helping' in saome way. Try not to let it get you down too much, you just don't need it. Sorry to hear about your not so good BT's, hopefully wednesdays will be better.

Flowerchild - Woo Hoo on your egg's! Hopefully they are on their way!

Mel - I am going to go and find Nathan's my space sight and drool over him. Lol, how gross is he? Hopefully I can buy his record from his site for you. Sorry, that wasn't funny. I will go and have a perve now!