Thank you so much everyone - you are the best :hugs: I honestly don't know what I would do without you all.

Well I have just got home from acupuncture. I rang him last night and said I need to see you in the morning. I heard that it is good to have it done before IUI. Anyway I don't think I have left any rock unturned so I believe I have given myself every chance. Now I just have to hope for a miracle. I have asked Cooper to help me get through today and the next two weeks. I will go and give my boy a kiss and then I must be off.

Mel - thinking of you today. I hope you get the answers that you are after.

Bailey - your gp should be able to give you a bt. If not, they can give you a referal to a pathology place. Good luck!

Thanks again everyone, you are just a beautiful, special bunch of girls