thread: TTC Twins for Closure.

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    Feb 2009

    TTC Twins for Closure.

    It may seem weird but I'm desperate to conceive twins, again. I feel like it's the only way I can truly complete my family and get some sense of closure. As some of you know I lost twins then I lost a single baby and then I had a single baby and to have twins, it just seems like that would be coming full circle, iykwim.

    I guess I'm after any suggestions that might help me to conceive twins?

    I'm also realistic and realise that it's not likely that I will actually have another set of twins (feeling a lot like I don't get nor do I deserve to get what I want ) and so I guess I'd like help with coming to terms with not finding my closure?

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    Aug 2010
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    Couldn't read and not reply. Im so sorry for your losses, i don't really have any advice, but wanted to give you ginormous xoxoxox

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    Jan 2009

    I don't have any advice either. I just wanted to send my condolences on the loss of your precious angels.
    May you find well-being and acceptance with whatever eventuates. xx

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    Jun 2010
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    I think the only way to improve your chances at multiple births is IVF. But even then there is no guarantee

    And they would not likely implant multiple embryos in someone your age unless there was a pressing medical issue.

    I really hope it all happens for you

    take care x


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    May 2009
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    firstly to you at this time

    (feeling a lot like I don't get nor do I deserve to get what I want ) and so I guess I'd like help with coming to terms with not finding my closure?
    i know our situation is a little bit different, but i kind of feel the same. all i wanted was bub #3, that would have ended our family perfectly, but that didn't im completely lost as to what to do....

    i can't give any real advice though, about conceiving twins. i think the fact that you have already conceived twins is a good sign, and you might be likely to conceive again, but as to how without medical intervention, i don't know....

    i truly wish you all the best in this journey though, and hope somehow that you can find some kind of closure for yourself xxx

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    Feb 2009

    Thanks girls for the support.

    I know that they wont help me achieve twins medically, they already know medication works for me so they'll just tell me to keep taking that. So basically if it's going to happen it has to be natural/meant to be, I was just hoping there was some herb or something that could help.

    Mummydreamer - I know I have a better chance than some people because I've had fraternal twins in the past, I also know a few other thing work in my favour, eg. they say that the more pregnancies you have the more likely you are to have twins and my next pregnancy will be number 4.
    I know you said you were lost to, hoping for something specific to finish your family and having it taken away. If you find yourself first (if it's even possible to find our way in these circumstance) let me know the "secret" please.

    I've also heard that B/F help with twins and I'm planning on B/F DD for another couple of months (if she doesn't bit me) but DH doesn't want to start seriously TTC yet and it's so frustrating because he knows how much this means to me.

    I've already decided that next time I become pregnant I'm going back to my psychologist so hopefully she can help with this too.

    I guess I just have to leave it up to want happens, happens and just hope it works out for me. I'm just so scared that I wont be able to be happy with want ever happens. I already feel so angry and cheated about how much has been taken from me, I just want something to go a little bit right for me, for once (of course I'm happy with and love my DD very much, it's just that I still feel like I need something else).

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    Apr 2010
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    Im so sorry to hear about ur losses i cant begin to imagine how it wld feel to go thru what u have been thru. Big big big hugs.
    Do u think it will help if u just concentrate on ttc... if u happen to fall pg with twins again then that wld be fabulous but if not do u think just having one healthy baby baking away wld be enough to bring u closure??
    Its a pity that ur dh isnt ready to start ttc yet.. do u think if u did happen to fall pg without seriously trying he wld be happy tho?? Maybe u cld start trying but not make a big deal out of it IYKWIM??! Maybe just try and time a few bding sessions in for ovulation time? Is ur cycle back to normal even tho ur still bfing??

    Not sure if any of this has helped, i just wanted to offer something!

    Wishing u the best of luck, u definitely deserve it x

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    Jan 2011
    Perth, WA

    I am so sorry for you losses
    Wild yam/cassava root is supposed to help ovulation which can increase the chances of having twins.
    You can get it as a herbal supplement.
    I wish you the best of luck on your TTC journey x