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Thread: The Wait is Excrucating... Help me pass the time..

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    Default The Wait is Excrucating... Help me pass the time..

    After the dealth of our son Matthew at 39w during labour and TTC since April. I turly bellieve with everything I am that this month is ours...

    IF I ovulated early AF was due today, but then it still could be due next week. So I have to be strong and wait out till next tuesday.

    As for physical??? hmmmm Dh seems to think my breasts are bigger??? I have had cramping and back pain for most of the month. But apart from that NOTHING. In each of my pregnancies I never had MS or even "felt" preg. So really I have nothing to go on except instinct.


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    So there is 6 days to go. No sign of AF and no surge of eostragen yet...

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    I feel for you. Waiting sucks. I lost Ellen at 41 weeks so I have some idea how you feel TTC. We have been trying since March with no luck yet.
    Here's some silly stuff to keep you busy.
    Organise things somewhere alphabetically
    Learn to say the alphabet backwards
    Think of the 20 WORST names you could give a baby
    Plan a disgustingly fattening dinner for you and DH.
    Write a letter to a politician telling them they need to support parents more.
    Ring your BFF and tell her about how you feel.
    Clean out a cupboard.(personal favourite)
    Get in the car and just drive (another personal favourite)
    Play music really loud and dance about until you are worn out.
    Watch a soppy movie and cry............
    Good luck with your wait I pray you get a BFP!

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    So sorry to hear of your loss ladies but for TTC another beautiful baby and having it earthside with you xoxox

    Just wanted to add - have you thought of learning a new language?! I bet if you go to local library you could pick up a book/audio tape to get you started?! This is definetely hard and keep your brain active and busy and you learn a new skill in the process

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    I didn't want to read and not post, i too am sorry to hear of the loss your beautiful babies ladies.

    I hope this is the month for you Tess. x

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    NOt really any advice as such, just wanted to offer a picture of a peaceful place, a place that takes all that mind chatter and wondering away.... do you have a place like that, that you can go and sit in for a few days, hours, minutes???

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    Thank You Ladies

    Well I lasted till Friday night, I caved and did a test.

    But I dont know... I was just so sure.... and until AF turns up I think I still an feeling hopeful...

    Has anyone else "just known" when they got pregnant? Regardless what hpt say?? how many hpts negatives did you get before your hpt positive, and what made you test again and again?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section...


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    oh no Tess.

    With DD I didn't get a positive until I was about 6-7 weeks.

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