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Thread: Private birth education specific to twins

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    Default Private birth education specific to twins

    Hello all,

    Sorry that I keep posting in this thread - I'm sure you will be sick of me by the end of this pregnancy!

    I've been doing some googling but haven't had any luck -
    With DD I did a private birth education class and would like to do the same for this pregnancy. I was looking for a specific twin birth class but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know if any exist? I know I can do a class just for me instead of group class - if this is the only option, can anyone recommend an educator they think is experienced in twin birth

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Dolly
    I don't know of the classes, but I saw this awesome film last night, a woman in Nambour naturally gave birth to triplets. It was so inspiring, look up on youtube, the pregnancy and birth of the trama triplets. She also has a blog which lists alot of multiple birth FB pages etc that may be useful to you. I loved how this woman still was abe to birth naturally and had a great team that was really supporting her in it!

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    hey there dollyroux
    yes there are twin specific classses
    i went to 2 of them when i was expecting my twins
    the best one was run through my muliple birth club- so practical- best thing i did was join my MBA when i was pg - your local club for your area would be the Eastern Area MBA- they have a website
    My multiple birth club run their classes through the northern hossy so your might do the same
    also my hospital that i birthed at had a twin specific ante-natal class
    i birthed at FPH
    definately contact your hossy where you are birthing at and ask
    i know that there is a system now that matches you up with a multiple birth club through your hossy and passes info onto you about such things as ante-natal

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