thread: What gestation were your twins born?

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    Sep 2005

    What gestation were your twins born?

    Ok, I'm nearly 29 weeks now and both my girls are either breech or transverse. At my Ob appointment yesterday they brought up that I may have to have an elective c-sect if Twin A doesn't go heads down by 32 weeks as that is when they have told me that the twins will run out of room to move.

    So my question is what gestation were your twins born?
    Did they need to stay in NICU/SCN?
    Did you have a vaginal or c-sect?
    Those that had a c-sect what happens as I need to know for my birth plan.


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    Aug 2011

    Hi there,
    My two boys were born at 33 + 6 but that was due to vasa previa.
    My boys were in special care for 2 and a half weeks, but mainly to fatten up!
    Twin 1 needed oxygen via cpap, iv fluids for around 24 hrs, and went under the light for about 12 hrs at 3 days old for jaundice. Twin 2 also had cpap and fluids for 24 hrs. Both boys had nasogastric feeds for the first few days, and had boob feeds and nasogastric feeds for the entire stay.
    I had a c-sect and didn't get to hold the boys after delivery, but hubby went up to special care with them while they finished with me. I got to spend only about 5 mins in special care with them before I was taken to the ward.
    I hope that helps!
    Good luck!

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    Jan 2010

    A friend of mine had twins via CS at 37 or 38 weeks!

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    My boys were born at 37 + 4 via elective c/s. Were classified as being in special care but roomed with me the whole time. We were in for 9 days as twin a had issues stabilising his blood sugar.

    C/S recovery was better than my first with DD, I was up showering the next day - with only a little discomfort - but they give you morphine I was your spinal block to help with the initial pain and then oral painkillers.

    Even though I chose a c/s my boys were still moving around A LOT until they were born, both were breech an hour before delivery but were born head first so both flipped in that time. At my scan the week before delivery twin a was breech and twin b transverse so they still have time to move head down.

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    Sep 2005

    Thanks everyone

    I'm not to worried at this point as my 3 previous pg the boys have been transverse or breech up until 35-36 weeks so I'm going to try and stall the booking in of a c/s until after 34 weeks.

    I just thought that I would get a feel for what gestation and complications have happened with other twin pg.

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    Hiya, my girls were pretty much twin A breech and twin B transverse/breech from the time things started getting a bit squashed in there. I can't remember if it was 32 or 34 week scan that we made the final decision that they would be born via elective c/s but we were booked in for 37w6d. They had their own ideas though and my waters broke spontaneously the night before. As they were only going to come via c/s, our OB just decided to go in straight away and get them out. Both girls were in perfect health, pretty much came straight to us and needed absolutely no NICU/SCN time. They started feeding like little champs and 15 months on, we are still breastfeeding and have had no formula whatsoever. Don't know if you are intending on bf or formula feeding but if you do want to bf, I expressed colostrum from about 34 weeks and froze it and I maintain that it was the difference between having to supplement and ebf. Had no problems with the expressing bringing on contractions either but that is just my experience and appreciate that it may be different for others. In terms of recovery for me, I can honestly say the most painful thing about my whole c/s experience was getting the dressing taken off. I was up and walking the next day, going for proper walks within a week and healed with no problems whatsoever. My sister (who had a singleton) was induced over the space of a week 5 weeks prior to me, ending with a c/s, and her recovery was a lot slower and I wonder if it was because she was so knackered from such a lengthy induction whereas we went straight to c/s with no delay.

    Anywho, good luck!!!!

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    I was induced at 35+2 due to growth restriction in Twin 2. I had a drug free vag delivery with a small graze.
    They were in special care for just over 4 weeks. My recovery was better then for my first (episiotomy, broken tail bone, stitches galore!). I hope you have a stress free last trimester!

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    Omg girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohooooooooooooo

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    Jun 2012

    My guys were 37+3 and were an induced vaginal birth. (Induction took almost 24 hours though)
    We went home the same day they were born. So no scn etc
    They were both head down though and well over 6lb each