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    Australian Doula Articles and Resources

    BellyBelly Articles on Birth Support & Doulas:

    Doula Training in Australia
    The Doula Revolution
    Hiring a Birth Attendant or Doula - Questions To Ask
    Birth Support - 10 Great Tips To Help Her In Labour

    Other Doula Resources

    Australian Doulas (Yahoo Goup)
    Doulas Down Under (Australian Forum)

    Melbourne Doula Network

    This is from an email I received some time ago about joining:

    Hi everyone,

    Melbourne Doula Network is up and running! We have enjoyed the first couple of meetings with lots of information being shared. Out of this, an email network has been born!

    Follow the links below and register, then search for our group. This group is by invitation only - to stop the SPAM that we all hate! It is not for the exclusive use of one group of doulas or birth attendants - ALL are welcomed! Let's get this group going and share the wonderful knowledge that we have. If you can think of someone who hasn't recieved this email, please register and invite them yourself!! You may find they have already joined!

    Instructions are as follows:

    If you have NOT already registered with mc2, you can register now by clicking on the link below:

    After activating your registration, or if you have already registered, follow the steps below:

    * To join Melbourne Doula Network, search groups for Melbourne Doula Network, then click on JOIN [bottom left]
    * If you are not currently logged into mc2, you will be prompted to LOGIN
    [Don't have an mc2 Login? Then Register with mc2 first]
    * Click YES to join the group
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