Hi All
Im brand new here! The first thing I wanted to do was come on here and write a review of my awesome Doula, so that if other are questioning hiring one, they can have a read!
My Doula was Sandy Tai from Ballarat Birth Support.
She supported my husband and I throughout the entire pregnancy, and was there as soon as we needed her in labour! My husband was a bit skeptical at first , but ended up loving her too! He found her really approachable and funny!
I birthed at St Johns and was hoping for a nature birth, which we got only because Sandy was there!!
Our daughter is absolutely gorgeous, and we are still really close with Sandy!
If anyone is thinking about hiring a Doula I highly recommend Sandy!!
Her website is
BallaratBirthSupport - Ballarat Birth Supports Home page and she is on Facebook and Pinterest too!
Love xx