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Thread: Doula or no Doula?

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    Default Doula or no Doula?

    Hello there everyone! My first real post after being a reader for many months, I hope I am doing this correctly!
    I am 26 weeks pregnant and my husband and I are just getting our heads into labour/birth gear after enjoying a beautiful stress free pregnancy so far.
    This is our first baby and we are exploring the idea of a support person in the form of a doula...could anyone share their experiences of using a doula with us to help inform us of what's involved and whether you found it worthwhile? Would you do it again? What are the benefits? What did the doula do during your labour and birth? We are seeking to gather as many varied experiences as possible to determine whether this is a path we'd like to go down. Any feedback is welcome, good or bad.

    Thank you so much!

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    I didn't have a doula for my first birth and I really wish I did! I had one for my second birth and it was awesome!
    PICK am now a trainee doula and recommended them to everyone. Having that extra support and not being judged by your actions or choices is invaluable I will be having a doula for my next birth as well.

    Maybe interview a few and see if they are right for you. Good luck xxxx

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    I had a trainee doula for my 2nd... She was useless!
    For my 3rd I decided to give a doula another go and it was the opposite. She was awesome pre, during and post baby.

    I would have one and recommend them. I interviewed 3 before getting the perfect choice with my DS.

    This bub I took the student midwife option and so far so good!

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    Default Doula or no Doula?

    We didn't have a doula but my sister was our support person for the birth of both our girls. She was truly amazing and I hope she'll be there for any future births we have. So if you have someone close who is calm, supportive and had experience with birth, then IMO they can be just as beneficial. My sister had two very different births with her boys and her second was an amazing drug free water birth. She really inspired me given how traumatic her first had been. She was exactly the sort of person I needed to keep me focused and having been through childbirth before, she seemed to know exactly what to do and say at exactly the right time.

    Good luck!

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    We had a doula and she was one of the best decisions and investments we made! In the lead up to the birth she was so wonderful to just sit and talk with. About pregnancy, parenting, my fears and my hopes. She came from a totally emotionally unattached stance, whilst still very invested in our birth plan and birth. Hope that makes sense!

    During days of pre-labour she was a fantastic support, and whilst I did want her to help whilst I laboured at home, I kinda missed that step as I didn't realise I actually was in established labour. When she met us at the hospital she was just wonderful. A great support to myself, my husband, and wonderful with the staff. She never once overstepped the mark, but we were remarkably lucky that the midwives just stepped back and let us do our thing. Our water birth was just beautiful, and I do strongly feel that is partly due to having her on board. She gave me the confidence to believe in myself and have confidence in my ability to birth my baby. Her encouragement and nurturing in the first few days and weeks after DD arrived were also truly valued and helpful - from turning up with food and helping with breastfeeding.

    My husband wasn't too crash hot on the idea at first, but the very next day after DD was born he said if we ever had another baby we would call her and line her up before calling any Doctor lol

    Good luck!

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    Default Doula or no Doula?

    Thanks everyone - it seems from the ladies I have spoken to you and those who kindly answered my post, that everyone's experiences vary greatly and the dynamic and trust you have for the individual is paramount! I will keep doing some reading and talking it through with my husband to see what we think might suit us. Thanks again for your support and advice!

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    I had a doula with my first and she was great. even though my labour was so fast she didn't do much, just having her there as reassurance before hand was helpful.

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