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Thread: BB VBAC Facebook Group - YAH!

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    Join this page if you're on Facebook and are wanting/have had a VBAC. There are loads of women in this group who are midwives, previous VBAC, VBA2C and more... lots of inspiration and information Normal Birth After Caesarean is NOT High Risk - Full Options For VBAC'ers!!

    Here's a group I have found: I had a VBAC and my uterus did not explode.
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    Kelly, Does this group still exist? I am thinking it might be good for me to join if it does.

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    Default Re: BB VBAC Facebook Group - YAH!

    I'm part of this group, and it doesn't seem to be very active? it seems to have the same information put into it than the other BB group on FB. Am I looking in the wrong place? Do people ask questions etc?

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    I found the same thing..

    Are you planning a VBAC? There are a few closed support groups on fb that are active. Just search VBAC support. (Hope I am allowed to say that..)

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