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thread: VBAC / EBAC Discussion

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    Oct 2003
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    oh this is all very interesting... I guess my biggest fear is like what you just said. My cervix wasn't ready and I was 17 days overdue (I held out as long as I could) in the end the intervention won. I am TTC at the moment and like Sarah scared from the birth experience before. BUT having said that I am so inspired by you all when I read about EBACs and I plan my next birth to be an enpowering experience rathar than one that sets us up as failures (which we aren't!!!)

    Although I did have an amazing birth team and was allowed to take my time in deciding the c/s and also they kept to my birth plan as far as skin to skin asap and bf within 20 minutes.

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    the only thing that iw oorie about with this pregnacy is that if my waters break at home and i don't go into labour and if i stay at home that i will get sick agian, i had an infection due to pre rupture of mebranes and that i got really sick, and that affected my milk supply, so if that happened again i would go for a c-section again.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    This time will be different (and this is the empowered part coming in) as it will be on MY terms, not someone elses. Here are some of the things that I really want -
    Just popping in to say YAY Sarah.... good on you! I know very much where you are coming from and, as much as I change my mind, I think I probably will end up having another c/s when we have our next baby. So I will be very, very interested to see how you go. Stick to your guns! At least now that you have BTDT, you know what to expect (iykwim?). I think first time around the whole "fear of the unknown" really influences our decisions, stops you from asking questions and makes you kick yourself afterwards when you realise "Hey! I wasn't treated fairly!".

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    There is actually such a thing as a 'balloon induction' which has been used successfully in hospitals for VBAC women.
    Kelly xx

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    gabbysmum Guest

    Hi Everyone

    I am new to this forum/discussion but am interested in hearing other peoples stories/opinions on VBAC in the public hospital system. In particular the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne.

    I am expecting #2 14th August 2006 and have booked into the RWH which is where #1 was born in Nov 2004 by c-section for breech presentation. I was initially booked into the Family Birth Centre at RWH but at 41 weeks it was discovered that my daughter was breech. This was devastating news since I felt there was no opportunity to try to encourage her to turn naturally or to perform ECV. I am certain that she was in this position all along and had been missed by the midwives.

    In any case I am determined to at least experience labour which I didn't have last time as I was booked in as an "elective caesar".

    I do feel that certain hospital policies will hinder my progress and chances of a successful VBAC. I would like to have an active birth which means being able to eat and drink (if I feel like it) as well as having freedom of movement and being able to use the shower. All of these will be near impossible if I am hooked up to a fetal monitor and have an IV. Also it has been mentioned to me that there will be a time limit on how long labour is allowed to continue. I almost feel as though it may be better to book in for another elective caesar since all of these conditions will end up leading in this direction anyway.

    I would love to hear anyone's thoughts and stories on how they handled these hospital policies, did anyone refuse monitoring or insist on labour continuing beyond the hospitals said time limit, I think 12 hours was mentioned to me.

    Am I within my rights to object to continuous monitoring and intervention? I am thinking that the best birth plan for me is to stay at home as long as possible and eat and drink if I want to. I mean what do other labouring women do that end up with an emergency caesar? I'm pretty sure they are allowed to eat, why are we then "prepped" as if we are going to end up needing a caesar?

    After reading so much on VBAC if I had funds I would employ a private midwife and stay at home but that is not an option. I am also wondering if there are any birth centres around Melbourne that are VBAC friendly and take public patients as I would consider changing if I could.

    Well sorry for rambling. From what I have read so far I think alot of you will understand my feelings!!



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    Mar 2004

    Sandy, you are allowed to refuse any medical intervention that you don't want. There are many midwives who will support you in an active birth. You can write a birth plan that states very clearly that you don't want to be offered artificial forms of pain relief and that you want monitering kept to a minimum. There are some great birth plans here. Another option is to hire a doula who will be able to assist you in achieveing your birthing goals by being an advocate for you if you are having difficulty expressing yourself and supporting and encourageing you. Research shows that women who have more support from doulas or supportive female freinds/family have lower rates of intervention so it might be worth your while to ensure some really great support from people you can trust to help you achieve your goals.
    You can find more info on doulas on the bellybelly birth support page here and there is also a great article on VBAC here

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    Hi Sandy good luck, I would stay at home and labour for as long as you feel comfortable, and YES you need support ++++ ( not just DH) I did agree to the monitoring, but the belt kept moving ( coz I was ) so in the end I agreed to a Fetal Scalp Monitor ( and am very glad I did) You need monitoring, but are within your rights to just have dopler. The bubs heartbeat is the first sign of uterine rupture.

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    Is it really necessary to have more then DH as a support person while trying for a VBAC? I ask as I don`t have anyone else to support me other then DH, so I`m hoping he`d be enough.

    Hi Sandy - I`m expecting #2 on 27th July, so we`re very close with our due dates, I`m also wanting a VBAC this time. Good Luck

    Kelly - What is a balloon induction?

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    kirsty Guest

    We've decided to have two other support people besides DH. My dear hubby isn't very sure of himself or how he'll cope being in there when bubs is born, so wanted to ensure a situation where he can come & go if he feels he needs to & I wanted to be sure of having loads of support. So we've got my mum & my best friend coming in too.

    Dee ~ my EDD is August 10th so I'm not too far behind you guys either!!

    Kelly ~ I'd also be interested in hearing what a balloon induction is & how it is performed, if you don't mind sharing of course 8-[

    Sandy ~ as I said to Dee I'm due August 10th so pretty close to you too. Best of luck for your VBAC. I have found a great bunch of OB's (3 infact) who will more than happily support our choice of attempting a VBAC & have been fantastic with information, although we have only just started to discuss it so I'm guessing that as our appts get closer to actually giving birth status we'll have loads more questions & information shared.

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    Dee, well it isnt "necessary" but more recommended IYKWIM. Our DH's love us, and are fearful for our safety, and can be hesitant in standing up for us, if they think theres any thing "not right" A person not so emotionally involved can help heaps. I have given birth vaginally in 1998. then had an emerg csec in 2003, but with my vbac 2005 at one stage I was begging them to "cut me open and get it out!!!!" now this can scare DH's whereas my support persons ( midwife and my mum) both reasured me that I could and would do this ( I was in transition) I think this is the reason that an "extra" is recommended.

    Look you need to do what is right for YOU and not worry about anything else. I have just learnt you need to be really commited to having a vbac, to have a good go at it! And if your DH is committed too it helps too!!!!

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    Well... girls I'll have to start focusing soon on my mental preparations for birth...

    I definately want an EBAC and I definately want a doula or another support person there. Because A. last time DH paniced when I did and got tired after 20 hours B. I want more support LOL...

    Also... I am scared already at the prospect of induction, last time it was so awful I just want to go natural but I had no alternatives last time with being 17 days overdue...

    Thanks...just needed to get those worries off my chest LOL

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    Feb 2005
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    Christy have you looked into all your "natural" methods for inducement??? Have you been practising your OFP?? coz that's a help in getting bubs on its way. Good luck, am thinking of you in this very exciting journey!!!

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    Oct 2003
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    LOL its ages away atm because I'm only 5 weeks LOL... but I guess its a fear thats already there... last time I tried all methods of natural inducement from 38 weeks and then I started harder after 40 weeks. I had heaps of pre-labour as well, but unfortunately Matilda had other ideas and went from being half way engaged to entirely disengaged at 41 weeks so that didn't help either.

    In my head I know that every time is different, but in my heart I'm scared anyway...and I'm only early I have heaps of time to think about it and get prepared!!

    Thank goodness I got the hypno-birthing DVD at the BellyBelly Event last year, I can start early!!

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    Hey Christy, from what I remember what Cailin was saying, you can't be induced if you're going for a VBAC. I think she said it was something to do with the drugs make the contrax strong & fast & your uterus doesn't have time to "warm up" as such. She was also telling me last week that her OB told her no natural induction methods either (not sure if that's just her or for everyone).

    Correct me if I'm wrong someone, but that's what I was told....

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    So is there any options? I mean if you want a VBAC and go overdue will they just book you in for a c/s?

    I'm just curious because I want to mentally prepare for the whole thing, and if its the case that they will, so be it but I want to be ready for that too

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    kirsty Guest

    Christy I think from my last discussion with our OB that while they can't do many of the normal induction procedures, depending on how your cervix is (if it is looking fairly ready) they can try ARM to bring labour on. But this is a topic that we still need to do heaps of talking about with our OB's first ~ & if I've said the wrong thing in regards to ARM, anyone who knows for sure please feel free to correct me if you know what is right.

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    gabbysmum Guest

    HVBAC anyone??

    Hi Dee and Kirsty

    Good luck with your VBACs, it's good to hear from other likeminded mums to be that are due around the same time as me!!

    It's 4.30am and I'm wide awake, thinking now about a homebirth, am I mad??

    I have just finished reading New Active Birth by Janet Balaskas, it's a fantastic book and has just given me so much confidence in my ability to have a natural birth.

    Has anyone else had a HVBAC?? I'd love to hear about it, I'm off to look up Melbourne midwives now but if anyone has a recommendation that would be great also..


    Gabby Born 3/11/2004 Elective C/Section (Breech presentaction)
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    kirsty Guest

    Hi Sandy,
    Congratulations on your pg & on your decision for a VBAC. It might be worth dropping Kelly (owner of this site) an email as she may be able to point you in the direction of a great midwife who may be able to help you. Kelly is a birth attendant so she may know of someone that we don't.

    Wishing you the best of luck

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